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We are the UK Distribution Partner
for Hytera

Syndico was formed to fulfil a need, which is always the best reason to start a company! There was, and is, a genuine need in the market place for a Value Add Distributor to look after the Hytera brand and work exclusively with channel partners, without a direct end user presence, and that’s what Syndico does.

But there is more to it than that. The founders of Syndico have a passion for the industry which was forged over a cumulative 29 years. That length of time spent working away in the market place, day in and day out, a person gets to know the nature of that industry and, happily, the people who work in it too. You get to see what works and what doesn’t work by constantly discussing what’s best, and how to improve. Syndico is the culmination of all of that experience, and all of those discussions, and the company was born to deliver a service in the way our business partners and the other stakeholders in the industry have told us they want it to be delivered.

People frequently ask about the company name and how we arrived at ‘Syndico’. Simply, this is a shortened version of ‘Synchronised Distribution Company’. We realise that everything needs to be synchronised to work. We need the good will, skill, effort and contribution of everyone involved. Our customers, suppliers, investors and the Syndico team all need to be ‘Synced’ for the business to work. That’s what we aim for, and that’s what we think we have achieved.

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In 2017, Hytera’s Board of Directors voted Syndico the Global Distributor of the Year, which proves our credentials and ability to support you as a Reseller partner. We’re really good at what we do. We support and promote growth in the PMR Industry by providing Sales, Marketing, Technical (and sometimes emotional!) support to the Dealer Partners we work with and the end users they serve.

In addition to this, Syndico provides:

  • Next day delivery anywhere in the UK on orders placed before 16:30 the day before taken from our £6m plus stock holding in our 6,400 sq. ft. warehouse and picked and packed by our particularly handsome warehouse personnel.
  • Lead generation to supply qualified leads to our Dealer Partners. Good ones, that result in real life orders, those types of leads.
  • First class technical support where required.
  • Customer service levels never before seen in our industry. We care about our customers, many are our friends, too.

We hope that you will work with us. We’re sure you will enjoy the experience, and the Syndico team is looking forward to supporting you, whatever your needs.

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