CASE STUDY: Addo Food Group & Chat-Com

As an added-value distributor of specialist communication solutions, we take pride in supporting our partners to deliver professional solutions day-in, day-out. We recently worked closely with Chat-Com, a partner specialising in Hytera two-way radio systems, to improve communications in the fast-moving food industry.

Project Overview
Addo Foods is one of the UK’s premium chilled savoury food manufacturers. With known brands such as Wall’s and Pork Farms pastries, in a market that is valued at £1 billion, they are immensely busy all year round.

The complex layout and age of their Poole manufacturing site in Dorset meant that there were problems with communications which were affecting efficiency. Chat-Com was able to assist by creating a new two-way communications system that worked flawlessly site-wide, ensuring production problems were dealt with immediately and not delayed due to dropped or lost signals.

The approach
The first step was to find a solution that would give good coverage across the site, despite the underground location and ‘blind spots’ that passages and tunnels create.

Chat-Com undertook an extensive site visit to understand the difficulties posed by the location and layout. Following that, Chat-Com discussed the key reasons for radio communications requirements which included:

  • Immediate access from production to engineers to fix equipment faults and problems.
  • Open lines of communication between operations and manufacturing to discuss order changes.
  • Safety for lone workers in isolated locations.

The Recommended Solution
After an extensive site survey to determine the most suitable location a temporary antenna with a repeater system was erected and achieved full coverage of the entire site. This both receives and re-transmits a signal, giving greater coverage.

In conjunction with Syndico, Chat-Com recommended and implemented use of the Hytera PD6 Series radio for all staff.  The PD6 series is highly robust and reliable with IP67 compliance to ensure smooth working in moist and dusty environments. It’s features enable ‘all call’ as well as private calling options (much like a telephone for a private conversation) making it ideal for this situation.

From the moment the new radio antenna was operational, things have improved at the Poole site. Specifically:

  • Communications are instant with no loss of detail or Chinese whispers as news and information are conveyed to staff.
  • Engineering failures and faults with equipment are reported immediately and repaired quickly, reducing downtime.
  • Lone workers are fully protected with systems in place for quick and effective communications.
  • Operational benefits are already being reaped, a result of the ability to discuss order changes and be more agile with prompt communication.

To find out how Chat-Com can provide the right communications solution for your business, visit; to find out about Hytera professional communication solutions, click here.

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