Smart Bluetooth push-to-talk (PTT) accessories

Discover the PTT Voice Responder, the perfect accessory for users working in harsh environments.

AINA Wireless develops rugged and loud Bluetooth speaker-microphones which users can connect to several push-to-talk smartphone apps such as Zello, ESChat, AT&T Enhanced PTT, Verizon PTT Plus, Kodiak PTT, Azetti, Talk-IP and GroupTalk. Stay connected while keeping your phone in a safe place.

AINA’s flagship product, the PTT Voice Responder, is a next generation Bluetooth speaker-microphone that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and PTT applications. The device remote controls functions such as push-to-talk, phone calls, emergency alerts and channel switching so that the users never have to take their phone out of their pocket.

AINA Wireless makes flexible communication easy

AINA Wireless’ mission is to provide users with a solution to achieve total communication flexibility. For remote workers, the PTT Voice Responder and its accessories are the perfect companions to ensure they go out into the field with peace of mind that they will remain connected at all times.

PTT Voice Responder

AINA Wireless’ PTT voice responder is the perfect companion for users looking for complete communication flexibility. By connecting to your smartphone or PoC handset via Bluetooth, the PTT voice responder allows users to store their phone or PoC device safely and experience loud, clear and reliable communication through a rugged, versatile unit.


Smart PTT Button

For users who need a compact PTT companion for their smartphone or PoC devices, the PTT Smart Button gives users unrivaled communication flexibility. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) technology and has a year-long battery life to deliver consistent, long-term performance.


In-Vehicle Charger

Ideal for a mobile workers, optimise your AINA Wireless PTT Voice Responders’ performance with the in-vehicle charger. Users can dock their voice responder in a sensible and safe location, ensuring the safety of both themselves and other road users.


Desktop Charger

Ideal for a smaller workforce, optimise your AINA Wireless PTT Voice Responders’ performance with the single-unit desktop charger. A compact and stylish unit, it is ideal for individual users such as reception or help desk attendants.


Multi-Unit Charger

Ideal for a larger workforce, optimise your AINA Wireless PTT Voice Responders’ performance with the multi-unit charger. Easily wall or worktop-mountable, this is the ideal solution for construction and warehouse environments.

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