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remote speaker mic

The Syndico team have been continually impressed by the standard of innovative product design coming from Hytera.  The SM27W1 wireless remote speaker mic is the latest product capturing the imagination of the Syndico Team.

We have had a great reaction from the dealer channel on SM27W1.  It’s another example of the brand listening to the wishes of the Reseller and then responding with action and, in this case, product!

The wireless speaker-microphone gives you increased flexibility for Hytera DMR mobile radios. With no annoying cables to get in the way, you can communicate normally and even control your MD655/MD655G or MD785/MD785G remotely to select channels or adjust the volume. You can be up to ten metres away from your radio device, which means the mobile can be hidden away in the boot of a vehicle with the SM27W1 only this neat, professional looking device on show in the cabin.

The SM27W1 has an LCD display and only requires an ADA-01 adapter to plug into the audio accessories socket on the radio before you’re up and running. The integral battery provides communication for up to 16 hours and can be recharged on the move.

Not only does this product provide exceptional practicality, it looks great too. This combination of usability and great looks with solid build quality is something the market has come to expect from Hytera these days, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next to come from their design team.

If you would like to know more about this or any other product in the Hytera range, please call and speak to any member of the Syndico team who will be able to help.

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