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Now that we are approaching a return to normal way of life, albeit a new normal, organisations everywhere are looking for better ways to communicate. Whether it’s a healthcare institution, school or college, shopping centre or small, independent retailer, communication technologies can help businesses overcome the numerous brand new challenges which have appeared from nowhere.

Following from Government advice to use radio communication solutions to implement and manage social distancing, we have plenty of innovative products which can really help. We work with forward-thinking manufacturers so that we can provide solutions to users regardless of their market sector, geographical location or budget requirements.

Here are just a few of the products which we think could make all the difference.

1. Hytera PDC550

The newest multi-mode radio from Hytera, the PDC550 is a DMR and LTE device rolled into one smart, stylish and rugged unit. It was designed for users who need to use multiple communication technologies, notably DMR and push-to-talk over cellular, but also have a requirement for a smart device which is powerful enough to run enterprise applications such as data and workflow management platforms.

With a device like PDC550, users can work efficiently by converging multiple technologies into one device, saving the need to extensive staff training across multiple devices and eradicating the ongoing costs of maintaining multiple devices.

Product details: CLICK HERE.


2. VoCoVo Team Communication Solution

VoCoVo is an innovative team communication solution built around plug-and-play functionality and a stylish, ergonomic headset. Endorsed by Tier I retail giants such as Tesco, Wickes, Primark, ASDA, Halfords and many more, VoCoVo solutions connect team members with smart voice conferencing technology so they can focus on delivering the very best customer experience.

Now that social distancing is the number 1 issue for customer-facing retail outlets, retailers equipped with VoCoVo have all the tools they need to keep their customers safe and, in doing so, allow them to return time and again without issue or fear.

More details on VoCoVo: CLICK HERE.



3. Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro

Workforce Connect (WFC) PTT Pro is a wide-area PTT application from Zebra Technologies, which turns any Android or iOS smartphone, PDA or scanner into a two-way radio. Its Google Material design application runs seamlessly in the background and allows users to maximise the way they use existing smart devices whilst connecting users across sites, cities or even worldwide.

With the number of employees working remotely on the rise, it’s easier than ever to keep an entire workforce connected regardless of their geographical distance apart. Perfect for couriers, hauliers, warehousing, councils, healthcare and many more users.




4. AINA Wireless PTT

The PTT Voice Responder from AINA Wireless is a smart Bluetooth speaker microphone with rugged build and seriously loud audio. Built for remote workers who are always on the move and often subjected to harsh environmental conditions, the PTT Voice Responder works hard to ensure that important voice communication between colleagues is never missed.

The PTT Voice Responder is a smart investment. Pair with an Android or iOS device running your chosen PoC application, keep your smart device on your person but tucked away in a pocket or coat, and let your wireless speaker microphone do the rest – no matter the weather or the background noise level.

Full details: CLICK HERE.




Interested in any of our great products? Our team are here to help, and we have specialist knowledge of all our products. If you’re looking for a way to help your customers in the retail, transport & logistics, warehousing, security, education or healthcare sectors get back on their feet post-COVID, get in contact with us today.

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