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Hytera Body Worn Cameras

Hytera Remote Video Microphones (RVMs) are market-leading body worn cameras which can integrate with Hytera radios as a remote speaker microphone.

Body-worn cameras are helping security personnel everywhere to protect not only themselves but the organisations they work for and members of the public they serve.

Capturing vital evidence in the field is becoming more and more important as organisations turn to the bodycam products with the best recording capabilities, most rugged and ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology, which is where Hytera’s Remote Video Microphone (RVM) range comes in.


A complete solution for professional users

Unlike any other bodycam on the market, Hytera’s RVM will not only capture and securely store high-definition video, images and audio, but also integrate seamlessly with existing Hytera radios as a remote speaker microphone, ensuring security and law enforcement personnel aren’t carrying unnecessary equipment.

When used with Hytera’s purpose-designed software solutions for secure, efficient and synchronised management of evidence, RVMs are the perfect tool for any security team, no matter the size, to protect themselves and everyone around them.

FREE DOWNLOAD – complete guide to Hytera body-worn cameras


FREE DOWNLOAD – complete guide to Hytera body-worn cameras

A BWV solution with industry-leading features

Hytera RVMs are equipped with industry-leading features so that organisation can protect themselves and the members of the public they serve. With features such as pre-and post-record, battery backup and live video streaming, Hytera RVM users are able to see everything and miss nothing.



Up to 30 seconds previous footage can be held in short-term memory and added onto video evidence in case a user is slow to press “record”.


Hytera RVMs will deliver up to 9 hours continuous recording, and have a standby battery time of up to 250 hours.


Hytera body worn cameras are built to withstand harsh conditions, holding IP67 and MIL-STD-810G certifications.


Although rugged, Hytera RVMs are easy to wear thanks to their lightweight design – there are KlickFast mounting options too.


Capturing vital audio to go with evidence is easy thanks to dual-microphone recording technology.


Put your camera into covert mode, choose how evidence is watermarked or programme the PTT button to start recording.

The RVM product range


VM550D – from £325.00

Thanks to its infrared camera, the VM550D can capture footage in low-light conditions from a range of up to 10 meters. It also has a built-in backup battery which can power the device for up to 5 minutes if the standard battery is removed during operation.


VM685 – from £430.00

With its 180 degree rotatable lens unit, 140 degree wide-angle camera and intuitive display, the VM685 is an incredibly flexible bodycam solution. It’s also completely secure – viewing evidence on the screen is password protected, and videos can be encrypted with H.264 encoding.


VM780 – from £445.00

The VM780 is the most advanced bodycam on the market due to its incredible power and functionality. This device is equipped with 3G/4G connectivity, NFC, GPS and is compatible with live video streaming applications. Navigation around the UI is easy thanks to its 2.8″ touch screen.

Professional and secure evidence management

Managing and securely storing evidence is an integral and vital part of any bodycam solution – an effective evidence management platform protects not only the public involved in captured footage, but also enforcement personnel using bodycams and the organisations to which they belong. Hytera has catered for organisations of all types by offering a distinct range of software options.


BWC Manager

Programme your body-worn cameras and manage evidence manually one camera at a time.


Integrated Device Station (IDS)

View and manage evidence from multiple cameras at a time, evidence automatically uploads.


SmartMDM Professional

Cloud-based platform which can connect up to 50 IDS and manage evidence from a central location.

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