The customer needs simple communication equipment with a portable alarm device that was easy to activate. The customer also demands that the communication range shall cover the whole house of the hospital.

The special environment requires special cares. When patrolling in the facility, nurses spot a potential danger that imposed by the disordered inmates. The danger is either upon the nurses or on the inmates themselves. The situation will required immediate response both to alert the other nurses for help, who even not within his sigh of line, and use the loud siren to scare the irritated inmates away. On the two way radio with emergency alarm function, the alarm usually only works on one radio itself and would require a control center as a relay to activate the alarm on other radios. However, the small budget would not include a installation control center and the small quantity of the order is also considered not economic to modified the radio for the hospital by other brand.


It is critical to establish an easy-to-use, powerful, and cost-effective wireless system to satisfy daily communications, raise productivity, and centrally dispatch staff in emergencies. Oriented to the communication demand from the petrochemical industry, Hytera has devised a trunking system that houses base station signal intensifiers. The system is described as follows:

  1. The number of trunking channels varies with the number of two-way radios in the plant area. Channels are dynamically assigned and shared by teams.
  2. Geared to actual needs, use habits, and user base, Hytera designs an appropriate grouping method to group numbers of departments, workshops, and teams to satisfy various communication needs.
  3. Hytera uses TS-9200 base station signal amplifiers with the frequency selection function and designs indoor distribution in the main control room. This extends base station coverage and the reach of signals by amplifying signals, thus avoiding interference and guaranteeing clear voice.
  4. The communication office or dispatching room is equipped with dispatching consoles to support voice calls, forced release, break-in, listening, and traffic statistics.

The solution integrates the Hytera QH-1327 that has been used for over a decade. The product complies with MPT-1327 signaling as well as MPT-1343 and CPSX numbering plans. Compatible with the Police Automatic Network Scheme—Mobile Communication Network For Public Security, the system features solid compatibility, strong scalability, and powerful fallback control capability, which marries IT construction with industrialization to satisfy communication needs of the petrochemical industry.


The Ireland Mental Hospital is one of the largest Psychological Institution in Ireland, housing about 350 patients and 100 working staff. The hospital is renown for its advanced treatments and well equipped facility, as well as its value of security.


  • 20x TC-780


  1. Customized radios
  2. Cost-effective solution
  3. Emergency group call alarm
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