Wireless dispatch communication system, a key component of urban transit infrastructure, plays an essential role in managing dispatchers at control centers and stock depots, station attendant and train drivers. The system, comprised of three subsystems, including dispatch communication, field coverage and network management, ensures efficient communication for daily operation, maintenance and disaster prevention. Similar professional wireless communication systems are widely applied in public security and utility.

Due to the special and professional applications, the wireless dispatch communication system for urban transit requires secondary development. Therefore, building a customized wireless dispatch communication system that integrates all its components efficiently and can meet fast-growing business needs of subway operation requires experienced and professional system integrators, and reliable product series.

The following challenges are common in building a wireless dispatch system:

  1. The system is linked with multiple external systems through complex interfaces.
  2. The electromagnetic interference and complicated geographic environment inside tunnels result in unstable signals and worse communications.
  3. Building a wireless dispatch system requires long time, and high engineering and product quality.
  4. Customization demand varies greatly. Thanks to two core competences, SEG Communications manages to deliver system of high complexity.


The world’s leading customization: Advanced technology:

  1. A whole set of secondary development solutions for the Hongkong Metro
  2. All-IP-based digital voice platforms with independent IPR facilitate communication between TETRA voice and standard voice
  3. Diversified secondary development products

Reliable design of redundancy:

  1. Development of redundant server products is designed to achieve hot standby/switch so that the system will never be down
  2. All the products support multiple interfaces. For example, vehicle location information can be obtained through two different channels
  3. The ISO9001 Quality Management System has been implemented to all the terminal hardware products. SEG is awarded with Excellent Provider of Subway Communication System
  4. All the devices can operate for 365 x 24 hours. The MTBF of key devices is over 15,000 hours

Flexible configuration:

  1. Arranging flexibly the operation methods of dispatchers as required, such as collaborative or individual operations
  2. Setting communication methods flexibly, allowing drivers, stations and dispatchers to communicate with each other in different ways
  3. All the software functions can be configured, allowing users to operate according to the preset rights

Support detail-oriented operation:

  1. The world-class design team of man-machine interfaces (co-designed by the Hongkong Metro, the Hytera Engineering Design Department and PCCW)
  2. Customizing operation procedures and interfaces for different users
  3. Great attention to the functions of the whole system, requirements of customers and field operators, and user experience during the entire design process

Fault tolerance:

  1. Avoiding system breakdown caused by improper external interfaces surrounding the wireless system
  2. Supporting automatic and manual operations by dispatchers and drivers
  3. Providing three downgraded dispatch commanding modes and one contingency plan mode


Hong Kong Metro, Hong Kong


  • Mobile radio
  • Dispatch station
  • Network management system
  • Fixed station
  • Control box for mobile radio
  • Control box for the fixed station
  • TETRA recorder
  • TETRA interconnection controller


  • Overall TETRA renovation of Hongkong Metro
  • Renovation of subway line 2 and line 8 in Guangzhou
  • Subway line 1 in Shenzhen
  • The westward extension of subway line 1 in Shenzhen
  • Subway line 4 in Shenzhen
  • Subway line 2 in Shenzhen
  • Subway line 3 in Shenzhen
  • The extension of subway line 3 in Shenzhen
  • Subway line 5 in Shenzhen
  • Renovation of subway line 1 in Wuhan
  • Subway line 1 in Shenyang
  • Light rail line 1 in Changchun
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