Syndico communications cross-hire

We have a range of communication solutions available to our reseller partners. If you don’t have your own hire fleet or you have a requirement for a device type you don’t already have, cross-hire from Syndico today.


Hytera two-way radios

Hytera two-way radios are used on both short-and long-term hire bases for many applications, and are popular for events like festivals, sports fixtures and tournaments and concerts. Hytera two-way radios are robust and rugged enough to withstand harsh treatment, are IP67 certified which makes them easy to clean, and they offer users a simple, clear and reliable communication solution which can be programmed to their specific needs.

All Hytera radios can be cross-hired with either single or six-way chargers and with spare batteries.

Available models:

    • PD705LT (UHF/VHF)
    • PD78G(G) (UHF/VHF)
    • X1P (UHF/VHF)
    • PD795EX (UHF/VHF)

COMING SOON – Samsung rugged LTE devices

Sometimes hire users need more than just simple push-to-talk communication, a problem which can often be solved by using a smart device. Our LTE hire fleet consists of Samsung XCover 5 rugged smartphones, which deliver fast and powerful handheld performance but in a rugged form factor. They are perfect for both short-and long-term hire, available with spare batteries and multi-unit chargers.

Our Samsung XCover 5 hire devices are powered by Zebra Workforce Connect, a push-to-talk application which uses LTE networks to connect users over wide-areas. This is a great option for hire users, who can manage users and create custom talk groups which are programmed to the devices over-the-air.

For more information on the features and functionality of Zebra Workforce Connect, visit our webpage or download our PDF brochure.

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