DJI case study: using thermal imaging to boost aerial surveying

Drones are being used by many businesses to gain vital aerial insight never previously achievable for them.

Surveying their assets, buildings and land can be an important exercise for them but is often a time-consuming activity that either gets put aside or, when it is carried out, eats into profitability.

We spent a day filming with Sarah from Rooftops UAV, who specialise in providing aerial surveys to businesses who do not have the resource to accurately carry out their own.

Sarah recently upgraded from a Mavic 2 Zoom to the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced model because of its integrated thermal camera, which she uses to help clients see their assets, buildings and land in a way which isn’t possible with the naked eye.


Here are some key messages from Sarah on how the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is used for surveying and inspections:

Easy to carry and deploy
“It’s fast and simple to get your Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced setup so that you can be in the air in no time.”


Flight performance
“Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced boasts superior flight performance to rival models and previous Mavic 2 Enterprise models.”


Thermal split-view
“Compare a normal image vs. a thermal image to see things invisible to the naked eye, like identifying a faulty solar panel or a gas leak.”


Data, data, data!
“Via the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced’s controller, you have the power of data right in front of you to present to your customers or teammates.”


Could you help your customers with aerial surveying?

We know that many existing users of two-way radios would benefit from using drones for inspections and surveying. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get started with DJI, speak to Andrew Bird today on 07967 169 083 or email For our full DJI Enterprise product portfolio, please visit

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