Unlock new business efficiencies by improving team communication, boosting task accuracy and efficiency and equipping workers with one device which can do everything they need.

Enterprise mobility can be defined as “a business model which allows free and flexible operation with regards to how the human workforce is distributed and structured.” With businesses needing to be more flexible than ever before, choosing the right tools for their workforce to deliver efficiencies is vital.

Business efficiency is underpinned by one key component – communication. Businesses with effective top-to-bottom communication are able to work smarter and more profitably, and can do so by investing in the right technology that their entire workforce can use.

Our enterprise mobility solutions, powered by Android, are helping employees everywhere to work and communicate better – no matter where they are or which device they use.


Push-to-talk communication


Push-to-talk helps colleagues communicate quicker, removing the time wasted during normal phone calls. Turn your workers’ chosen smart devices into a two-way radio by using an app which simply runs in the background, meaning they don’t need to carry more than one device.

By using push-to-talk on a smart device such as a smartphone, tablet or Android scanner, colleagues can communicate without geographical barriers. As long as their device is connected to a public (3G, 4G, 5G or LTE) or private (Wi-Fi) network, they are in range.

Data capture and scannning


Often, a scanner is just one of the many devices a worker carries. Some workers use a scanner, a smartphone, a tablet, a PC and a two-way radio most days.

The more devices a worker carries, the less efficiently they can work. Our handheld Android smart devices with integrated scanning modules allow workers to maximise their profitability without sacrificing the accuracy of their work.


Rugged business smart devices


Many businesses are now issuing every employee with their own smartphone. Companies need to be more flexible today than ever before, so giving their workers the tools they need to work anywhere is essential.

Our range of business smartphones are built to rugged standards and were designed to be used all-day, every day. They also boast the same Android-driven performance as consumer models and are designed to be remotely managed and monitored by the business’ IT department.

Ultra-rugged smartphones


Effective communication is vital when environmental conditions are particularly harsh, and even where explosive gases, liquids and dusts are present.

Our range of Sonim ultra-rugged smartphones deliver an exceptional user experience, yet are so rugged they can be run over by a vehicle and even submerged in bleach. They are also explosion-proof, so can be used in key industries including mining, oil and gas, healthcare and more.


Android for business


It’s no wonder Android is the operating software (OS) of choice for businesses everywhere. It is an open, powerful and flexible platform, which give businesses a wide choice of devices to choose from depending on their individual needs.

All our Enterprise Mobility devices are powered by Android. Manage and monitor your fleet of devices from anywhere, employ the most stringent security protocols, tailor your user interface depending on your employees’ needs and create custom apps – Android was made for businesses.

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