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Introducing the H Series, Hytera’s next-generation range of digital communication terminals. Redefining performance and functionality, the H Series is engineered for professionals by professionals.

Hytera understands the communication challenges of industry users in Public Safety, Energy, Transportation, Utilities, Commercial and other industry verticals. This has driven them to continue to innovate the next generation of digital radios – The H Series.

The newly engineered and designed hardware platform and software architecture further improves the performance and user-interactive experience, which provides a more professional, advanced product solution.

Introducing the latest H Series models

As global leaders in professional communications, Hytera have created their H Series in line with the requirements of users across all key economic sectors. Thanks to Hytera’s years of research and development, H Series users can be confident that their investment gives them a system not only with the richest features on the market today but also a completely future-proofed communication solution.


HP6 series

The HP6 series has two models, the HP685 and HP605, and is specially designed for business-critical users. Small and light in style, the HP6 series delivers on impressive features and functions such as market-leading audio performance, extended coverage, a Lithium Polymer battery, and durability against extreme environments. It also comes with an AI-based voice enhancement technology that decreases unwanted background noise, enabling users to focus on the task or mission with increased communication effectiveness.

  • Battery life of over 20 hours
  • Clear audio in weak signal areas
  • IP67 rated
  • MIL-STD-810 G standard
  • Tactile PTT
  • Two programmable buttons


HP7 series

The HP7 Series comprises of the HP785 and the HP705 radios. These present the future of style and functionality and advances standards in digital radios by providing even more efficient and more reliable communication with loud and clear audio, powerful battery, remarkable portability and ruggedness for ease of use across multiple environments and industries.

  • Man-down and lone worker features
  • Tactile PTT, two programmable buttons
  • IP68 rated
  • MIL-STD-810 G standard
  • AI-based noise cancellation
  • 24-hour long battery life



HM785 is the Next Generation of professional digital mobile radio providing greater flexibility and scalability. The HM785 supports a standard single control head and remote control head (single or dual) to suit different environments such as vehicles, motorcycles and fixed control rooms, ensuring efficient communication. It adopts a new appearance while maintaining high quality. The new UI interaction facilitates faster operation and the Al-based noise cancellation technology guarantees clearer voice in noisy environments.

  • 6 programmable keys for customised operation
  • 2.4-inch screen with simple UI interaction
  • Accessory Port and Ethernet Port
  • Improved case design improves heat dissipation
  • First ever Hytera DMR radio that can support the IP Transit Solution feature



Based on rich industry experience, customer feedback and technological evolution, Hytera has launched the next generation of digital repeater. The HR1065 compact digital repeater is half the size of its predecessor and comes with an integrated power adapter. The enhanced version comes with an integrated telephone gateway and router inside this versatile repeater to provide an all-in-one solution.

  • Internal AC power supply with DC battery back-up
  • Ethernet port provides access to IP networks
  • Improved receiver sensitivity
  • 64 channel capacity

The next generation of professional mobile radio

By tapping into the H Series’ impressive features which are driven by industry-leading technology, Hytera users are not only able to communicate more clearly and reliably than ever before but also future-proof their communication technology across the business.

Li-polymer battery

With newer battery technology, H series hand-portables deliver improved performance compared with competitor models. Even with a lighter, smaller battery, HP series hand-portables deliver a 24 hour shift on a 5-5-90 cycle.

Increased coverage

H series radios can deliver an additional 25% coverage in conventional mode, and enhanced signal penetration in buildings and remote areas in trunking mode thanks to increased transmit power and receive sensitivity.

Legacy charger compatibility

Users can replace existing Hytera charger units in their own time as H series hand-portables are compatible with the older PD series DMR models.

AI noise cancellation

Using AI technology, unwanted background noises can be decreased by up to 30dB cancellation. Paired with an optimised large speaker, audio on H series models is louder and clearer than ever before.

New user interface

Hytera’s updated user interface is featured on H series models, making it easier than ever to use by bringing menu navigation in line with smartphone display characteristics.

Bluetooth programming

By deploying programming files via Bluetooth, managing fleets of two-way radios has never been easier or more cost-effective. Users can also programme their H Series radios via the conventional cable method.

Water porting

To ensure speaker performance is not lost over time, water porting can be performed on HP7 series radios to drain any water around the speaker cavity.

Improved belt clip design

The previous screw-in belt clip design has been replaced by an improved secure slide-in method, making them easier to swap or remove according to user preference.

Legacy accessory compatibility

H Series hand-portables can be charged to 80% using legacy Hytera DMR charger models, and share the same audio accessory connector as the legacy Hytera PD6 series.

Man-Down as standard

With H Series hand-portables, you no longer need to upgrade to the GPS option to use the Man-Down function, which is standard across all HP6 and HP7 series models.

Want to learn more about the new Hytera H Series?

Our team are experts in all-things Hytera, including the new H Series, and would be happy to help. We are a specialist trade-only distributor, so if you are interested in Hytera products to use rather than resell, we will introduce you to one of our authorised reseller partners.

Want to learn more about the new Hytera H Series?

Our team are experts in all-things Hytera, including the new H Series, and would be happy to help. We are a specialist trade-only distributor, so if you are interested in Hytera products to use rather than resell, we will introduce you to one of our authorised reseller partners.

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