Hytera DMR

Hytera licenced DMR two-way radios are rugged, robust and reliable and are ideal for users who need instant and secure communication across larger sites. Hytera licenced DMR systems require a site licence from OFCOM and can be programmed specifically to each user’s requirements.

Next-generation DMR “H Series”


HP6 series

Small and light in style, the HP6 series delivers uncompromising clear audio and extended coverage together with powerful battery, exceptional ruggedness and abundant features. It is an ideal partner as well as an easy-­to-use tool for customer-facing staff, enabling them to focus on their work and service at all times and places, thus increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization.


HP7 series

The HP7 series are a brand new series of professional digital radios, and represent the future on style and function that refreshes the standards in digital radios, providing more efficient and more reliable communication with loud and clear audio, powerful battery, remarkable portability and ruggedness for ease of use across multiple environments and industries.



The HM785 supports a standard single control head and remote control head (single or dual) to suit different environments such as vehicles, motorcycles and fixed control rooms, ensuring efficient communication. The HM785 adopts a new appearance while maintaining high quality – it boasts a new UI and its AI-based noise cancellation technology guarantees clearer voice in noisy environments.



To ensure that your voice and data communication can reach everyone and everywhere, Hytera provides the HR1065 series repeater, which represents the next generation digital repeater, to meet your demands for communication coverage and delivering reliable and high-performance radio network services.

DMR hand-portables



Hytera’s BD5 series two-way radios are compact devices providing professional communications with ease of use. Today’s communications devices provide improved efficiency with audio clarity – BD5 are rugged and robust radios enabling use anywhere communications are needed.



The BD615 is the best value IP66 digital device available today. It inherits the excellent performance of the now discontinued TC6 analogue series, providing professional communication which is easily operated and extremely reliable.



The PD365 from Hytera offers business radios in pocket format. Its compact design and intuitive operation makes this DMR handheld radio your companion for reliable digital radio communication.


PD4 series

PD4 series radios are among the most popular devices on the market. With lightweight build and long battery life, the PD4 series from Hytera are ideal communication devices for everyday work. The PD4 series supports both analogue and digital operation, ensuring a smooth migration to digital radio for any user.


PD5 series

The PD5 Series is lightweight, compact, and packed with functionality. Cost effective, the PD5 series supports both digital and analogue communications, meaning they are the perfect companion for new digital mobile radio users.


PD6 series

The PD6 Series from Hytera offers a sleek, innovative handset for professional radio users. With a lightweight, crafted metal design, supporting both digital and analogue technology, the PD6 Series is a popular feature rich device.


PD7 series

With the PD7 series from Hytera, you can look forward to a quality device from the very beginning. This radio series is impressive, not only because of its durable and reliable design, but also thanks to its outstanding voice characteristics and its comprehensive PMR functionality.



Hytera PD985 is one of the most feature-rich digital two-way radio products available on the market. Building on the popular and successful PD7 series, PD985 is a robust device with cutting-edge features which can help users achieve more, including by adding a PD985 into an existing fleet of Hytera two-way radios.



The Hytera X1p is an ultra-thin digital radio with full keypad. It was developed in full compliance with ETSI, the standard for Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and offers a comprehensive feature set, ideal for covert security and professional applications.

DMR mobiles


MD6 series

Hytera MD6 series mobile radios are rugged and reliable devices which deliver clear communication to in-vehicle users. Easy to install and use, Hytera MD6 series radios are built to perform over long periods, making them a great investment especially for those working in the agriculture sector.



As a product built to the DMR standard, Hytera MD785i is endowed with ergonomic design, all-round digital functionality and remarkable quality. These features improve management personnel’s efficiency and the ability to respond to emerging situations effectively.

DMR repeaters



The RD625 is a digital repeater designed specifically to provide reliable radio coverage across challenging sites. The RD625 has been developed in accordance with the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) open ETSI standard and can be operated with either digital or analogue signals.



The RD985 and RD985S DMR repeaters from Hytera are at the heart of analogue and digital radio networks and were developed in line with the open ETSI standard for DMR. Both repeaters are characterized by their reliability and outstanding functionality.

Explosion-proof (ATEX) radios


PD715EX & PD795EX

Dedicated to designing and delivering innovative intrinsically-safe communications solutions, Hytera launched the PD715Ex and PD795Ex, two portable DMR radios that comply with the world’s strictest safety standards.



In order to meet the increasing demands of intrinsically safe and reliable communications, Hytera presents the PD795IS, the “ia” rated explosion-proof DMR radio. They are safe to work in places which contain various long-standing explosive mixed gases.

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