Digital two-way radio

Hytera BD615

The next-generation version of the popular TC610, BD615 is a robust and reliable digital two-way radio for use in harsh environments.

The best value IP66 radio on the market


The BD615 is the best value IP66 digital device available today. It inherits the excellent performance of the now discontinued TC6 analogue series, providing professional communication which is easily operated and extremely reliable.

Thanks to its rugged build and vivid yellow coloured case, Hytera BD615 is at home in harsh environments where persistent water and dust is present. And with a full range of accessories, most of which are cross-compatible with the BD5, PD4 and PD5 series radios, BD615 users can tailor their communication device to their individual needs.

BD615: £168.00 (ex. VAT)


Engineered for harsh usage
BD615 features a bold two-colour design and is tested to meet Military Standards 810G, including temperature, shock, vibration, high & low temperature and humidity. Its IP66 certification guarantees the device’s reliability across different environments.

Professional yet simple
Hytera understands the requirements for the users operating in harsh environments and has thus engineered an all-in-one solution which reimagines a business radio using both DMR and analogue technology.

Long battery life
BD615 can work for up to 16 hours on a 5-5-90 duty cycle in digital mode thanks to its removable 1500mAh battery.

Must-have accessories
A wide range of accessories is available for the BD615, each of which is designed and tested to operate in extreme conditions.


Non-display IP66 rated digital and analogue two-way radio, available in VHF (136 – 174MHz) and UHF (400 – 470MHz).

RRP: £168.00

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