Hytera licence-free (PMR446)

Hytera licence-free radios (often referred to as PMR446) are ideal for users looking for instant communication across a small site like a retail outlet or restaurant who do not need radios powerful enough to require a licence from OFCOM.

Licence-free (PMR446) hand-portables



Hytera’s BD305LF two-way radio is the compact device that provides professional licence-free communication and easily operated. Hytera users rely on digital devices to provide clear audio, easy to understand voice communications – BD305LF does just that.



The older sibling of the popular BD305LF, the BD505LF from Hytera is a digital licence-free radio with the same ergonomic design but in a slightly larger and more rugged form. Popular with retail, hospitality, leisure and events users, BD505LF is a lightweight two-way radio which also feels rugged in-hand.



The licence-free version of the popular PD5 series DMR radios, PD505LF is the most rugged of Hytera’s PMR446 product portfolio. Ideal for users who need a reliable, robust device but don’t have a requirement for licenced radio, PD505 is easy to carry and use and can withstand harsh treatment.

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