Licence-free digital two-way radio

Hytera BD305LF

A smart, stylish and compact licence-free digital two-way radio, designed for retail, hospitality and leisure users.

Licence-free two-way radio for retail, hospitality and leisure


Hytera’s BD305LF two-way radio is the compact device that provides professional licence-free communication and easily operated.

Our users rely on our digital devices to provide clear audio, easy to understand voice communications. The long battery life ensures you are always connected, while the clever design is easy to grab and intuitive to operate.

Hytera understands our customer requirements, advanced features and enterprise level communications systems aren’t always necessary. The BD305LF is ideal for users looking for Hytera digital push-to-talk technology, in a small, slim, robust device, licence-free and ready to respond when you need it.

BD305LF: £118.00 (ex. VAT)


Analogue and digital modes
The BD305LF can support both Analogue and Digital modes. You can switch between the two operations easily, ideal if using a mixed fleet of devices.

Analogue & digital auto-detect
The BD305LF can detect the signal type when receiving a call, automatically switching between analogue mode and digital mode. During the call hang time, the user can reply by simply utilising the push-to-talk. This can greatly assist with migration from analogue to digital communications.

Extended talk range
Based on Hytera innovative technology, your talk range is extended.

Longer battery life
The BD305LF in digital mode can work for up to 16 hours according to the 5-5-90 principal.

Clear voice
The digital DMR technology delivers excellent audio quality, making communications more reliable.

Reliable and robust
The BD305LF is compliant with MIL-STD-810 G and IP54 standards.

The BD305LF adopts digital encoding and error correction, avoiding signal interference on the same frequency.

DMR signalling
With DMR signaling, transmitting group calls, private calls and all calls with the PTT ID is simple.

Voice announcement
Channel number announcement helps you to switch channels quickly and accurately, ideal when visibility is low.

Dual capacity direct mode
In direct mode, you can have two voice calls simultaneously utilising two DMR time slots. This feature can be used to increase the radio traffic capacity.

When using a VOX earpiece, you can activate the microphone using your voice, freeing your hands from the PTT.

Allows the BD305LF to listen to communication activity on other channels.


Digital licence-free non-display two-way radio, PMR446 frequency band.

RRP: £118.00 (ex. VAT)

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