Licence-free digital two-way radio

Hytera PD505LF

The most rugged licence-free two-way radio, great for users who need a device which can withstand harsh treatment.

The most rugged licence-free two-way radio


The licence-free version of the popular PD5 series DMR radios, PD505LF is the most rugged of Hytera’s PMR446 product portfolio. Ideal for users who need a reliable, robust device but don’t have a requirement for licenced radio, PD505 is easy to carry and use and can withstand harsh treatment.

Thanks to its full range of accessories, including audio, charging and carrying options, and long battery life, PD505LF is the perfect companion for teams working in retail and warehousing environments in particular. And thanks to Hytera’s comprehensive programming options, PD505LF radios can be tailored to perform to every user’s exact needs.

PD505LF: £188.00 (ex. VAT)


Supports digital and analogue
The PD505LF was developed in compliance with the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard. The handheld radio supports licence-free operation according to DMR Tier I. It can also be operated as an analogue radio.

Secure communication
Thanks to Hytera 40 bit basic encryption, communication between colleagues is always reliable and secure.

Accessories for every operation
Like all Hytera handheld radios, an extensive portfolio of accessories is available for the PD505LF. Whether that be multiple-handset chargers, cases, headsets or speaker-microphones, the PD505LF can adapt itself to any and all operating

Ergonomic design
The PD505LF handheld radio is easy to operate and highly reliable, which can be indispensable in critical situations.

Individual button design
The PD505LF’s design prevents operating errors, through the use of separating the two rotary buttons with the antenna.

The PD505LF meets all requirements of the open DMR ETSI standard (ETSI-TS 102 361-1, -2, -3), the MIL810-C/D/E/F/G standard and degree of protection IP54. Thus, excellent features are maintained, even under harsh operating conditions.


Digital licence-free non-display two-way radio, PMR446 frequency band.

RRP: £188.00 (ex. VAT)

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