Introducing the latest products from 3M Peltor

The industry leaders in hearing protection communication solutions have raised the bar even higher with their latest additions – the upgraded Flex headset and the all-round great WS ProTac XP FLX2.

3M Peltor are absolute experts when it comes to combining professional communication solutions with protecting workers’ hearing. After all, your protection is reduced by 60% if you remove your headset for a total of just 30 minutes during an 8 hour shift.

Combining effective hearing protection with professional communication is a relatively untapped market – so what better time to open up a new revenue stream for your business?

Introducing: the CH-3 Communication Headset

The CH-3 is the next-generation flex headset, which is great to standard issue to employees to preserve hygiene levels – all the more important during and post-COVID19. Unlike the previous model, the latest version is available in different versions depending on how users wish to use the PTT function on their headset.

With built-in PTT

Connect your CH-3 headset directly to your radio with the new FLX2 cable, and use the built-in PTT on your headset.

Product details: click here.

Without built-in PTT

Instead of having a PTT on the ear cup of your CH-3 headset, connect your headset to your radio via an inline PTT.

Product details: click here.

Also unlike the previous “Flex” headset, the CH-3 now comes in a listen-only version, for users who need to constant monitor conversation but rarely need to use the PTT function. For more information, visit the product page.

Introducing: the WS ProTac XPI FLX2

The WS ProTac XPI is the true all-rounder. It is a wireless communication headset with level-dependent ambient noise listening which can also be connected to a non-Bluetooth enabled two-way radio via a FLX2 cable.

For users who need to protect their hearing but remain aware at all times, and may need the flexibility to connect to different devices as the day goes on, the WS ProTac XPI is idea. And with FLX2 two-way radio connection, it’s really easy to standard issue headsets to employees to ensure their hygiene and safety.

Click here for the full product details.


Do you want to open a brand new revenue stream…? Hearing protection is vital across many market sectors, and goes hand-in-hand with communication solutions thanks to 3M Peltor’s innovations. If you’re interested in 3M Peltor products, speak to a member of the team today.

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