Syndico LTE hire fleet offer

Invest in an LTE hire fleet now so you can deliver even more value to your hire customers – 0% finance packages exclusively available for Syndico partners.

Hire customers’ needs are expanding beyond just push-to-talk, in a world where being able to do everything from one device is more possible than ever before. Having an LTE hire fleet is therefore hugely beneficial both for communications resellers and end-users.

Our LTE hire packages, available exclusively for Syndico reseller partners, will allow users everywhere to do far more and experience far greater value when they rent communications equipment.


Wide-area push-to-talk

Widen your hire customers’ talk range, stop having to do site surveys and licence applications and remove the need for time-consuming, manual programming tasks. All LTE hire packages come with Zebra Workforce Connect licences, allowing end-users to communicate more freely and flexibly than every before and communications providers to manage, monitor and report on customers’ hire fleets remotely and in real-time.


Rugged build, smart performance

Hire customers are used to renting heavy-duty two-way radio devices which are built to be treated harshly. With our LTE hire fleet, users can benefit from the rugged build provided by Samsung’s rugged range of smartphones and tablets, but also enjoy far more value for their money by using a smart device with the same screen, processor and camera performance as many consumer devices.


Hire fleet management like never before

DMR radio hire fleets can only be programmed on-site and by wired connection to a PC. Programming is a key part of radio hire, yet is the most time-consuming and profit-damaging aspect. Communication parameters such as talk groups and device names can be programmed remotely, and all devices can be monitored, tracked and remotely stunned and activated via Samsung Knox MDM platform.

Building your LTE hire fleet is simple and easy

We know that our partners have different requirements depending on the needs of their customers. Because our LTE hire fleet is an opportunity to significantly improve the value customers receive when they hire from you, we will build you a bespoke package.

1. Choose your devices

You can build your ideal hire fleet from our range of Samsung rugged phones and tablets. Pick one device or a mixture of devices, and our team will build your package for you.

2. Add PTT licences

Each device in your hire fleet comes with a Zebra Workforce Connect licence – the app is compatible on every Samsung rugged smartphone and tablet device in our range.

3. Ready to manage!

Every LTE hire fleet package comes with a licence for Knox, Samsung’s widely-recognised Mobile Device Management (MDM) portal. Communications hire providers have never been able to manage their fleets so effectively!

The most complete LTE hire fleet on the market

Our LTE hire fleet is the most complete solution on the market, giving our reseller partners a major opportunity to change how people rent communication systems.

The promotion has been extended due to popular demand – fill in your details to receive our LTE hire fleet information pack with everything you need to know.

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