Ninehundred Communications installs SYMPOC System at Kingsway Shopping Centre

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Kingsway Shopping Centre in Newport, South Wales, have recently upgraded their on-site communication system to Ninehundred Communications’ “900PTT” solution, powered by SYMPOC.

Having explored their options during previous years, the centre had not been able to settle on a reliable wide-area communication system which met their requirements. With the recent infrastructural development of cellular networks, notably the wide availability of strong 4G signal, push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) has now become a viable and popular solution. Ninehundred Communications, a premier partner of Syndico, have installed their SYMPOC-powered 900PTT system throughout the Kingsway Centre, providing their security personnel with an upgraded communications network which has coverage across the entire complex.

The centre’s control room has a dedicated laptop loaded with SYMPOC’s dispatcher software, and the security team are using SY580 handsets with cellular connection to the EE network through an external APN. The service adheres to both 3GPP and OMA-POC standards, and by using fixed-IP SIM cards the impact of network traffic is reduced. With the infrastructure provided by the cellular networks, POC systems such as SYMPOC offer reliable wide-area communication without the need for significant infrastructural investment.

Check out 900PTT’s video case study below, and speak to us today to learn how your customers could benefit from SYMPOC.

For more information on the Kingsway project, please contact Brett Murray, 900PTT Account Manager, on 07887 768934.

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