Alfatronix Desktop Power Supplies

Alfatronix power supplies, popularly called the “wedge” due to their distinctive, ergonomically friendly shape, offer a convenient way to convert 12Vdc mobile radio transceivers for use as desktop base stations. They will operate from AC supplies, either 115V or 230V without manual adjustment and output up to 108W (9Amps).

Battery back up box

The AD Series Desktop Power Supplies include a battery back up output as standard, and can be ordered with Alfatronix’s own Battery Backup Box. The battery backup box is a smart, sleek unit which can be connected to maintain charge in a lead acid battery to supply power in the event of a mains failure. It includes a speaker (mounted on the front of the unit) for those wishing to use hands-free radio operation.As a neat alternative to a loose battery, it is designed to fit underneath the desktop supply and radio assembly and includes a 7Ah lead acid gel battery, presenting all three components as one tidy desktop assembly. Alternatively, the AD-BBB can be ordered without a built-in 7Ah battery.

Click here for full details on the battery backup box.

Looking for a bespoke power supply?

Syndico are proud to supply the Alfatronix Desktop “wedge” power supplies for Hytera mobile radios. However, if you use a variety of radio not listed, or cannot find a compatible unit, try the UNIVERSAL unit (AD-UN-UNI) which uses a mechanical interlocking fixing system (3M “Dual Lock”) to fix the transceiver securely to the power supply.

We stock these Alfatronix power supplies:

  • AD-HYT-615 – Hytera MD615/MD625
  • AD-HYT-655 – Hytera MD655
  • AD-HYT-785 – Hytera MD785
  • AD-HYT-680 – Hytera MT680
  • AD-UN-UNI – Universal power supply

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