TeloSystems Priva-Net

Priva-Net is an IP network push-to-talk system housed in a sleek, compact server unit. With its “plug-and-play” setup, you can create your own private push-to-talk network over IP or 4G around a site using existing network infrastructure, with no initial or recurring licence costs.

Key features:

  • Individual call
  • Group call
  • Emergency call
  • Broadcast call
  • Priority call
  • Text messaging
  • Built-in backup battery


PN-50 – £2,100.00 ex. VAT (up to 50 users and 1 dispatcher)

PN-100 – £3,400.00 ex. VAT (up to 100 users and 2 dispatchers)

PN-200 – £6,000.00 ex. VAT (up to 200 users and 4 dispatchers)

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Licence free – simply connect to a building’s IP infrastructure without the need for any additional licences.

Plug and play – easily installed and programmed, ideal for flexible fleet management.

Versatile software – supports up to 200 subscribers with individual call, group call, broadcast call, priority call, call history and dispatch console features.

Built-in battery backup – in case of a power cut, Priva-Net servers can operate for up to 12 hours without mains power.

Flexible number of users – Priva-Net systems can be purchased with capacity for either 50, 100 or 200 users and 1, 2 or 4 dispatch stations respectively.

Wide choice of radios – Priva-Net is compatible with all TeloSystems PoC radios.