SYMPOC Dispatcher Software

An effective dispatch solution can significantly increase productivity, as well as providing a greater platform to ensure worker safety. SYMPOC’s dispatch system is both comprehensive and cost-effective, adding great value to a POC fleet. An ideal addition for environments with a dedicated control room.

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SYMPOC’s dispatcher is an intuitive system designed to seamlessly manage a POC fleet either remotely or from a control room. Each dispatcher requires the same annual POC licence as the handheld devices, with no ongoing cost for the software itself. Dispatchers can be installed on either Windows or Mac systems, and run smoothly on both PCs and laptops.

Key Features:

  • Control point for all users, groups and channels within the fleet
  • Open up multiple communication channels simultaneously
  • View historical alarm, call and location logs
  • Notifications displayed on screen
  • Create ad-hoc talk groups from the dispatcher
  • Mute a busy, low-priority channel and listen back to conversations
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Tailor settings of individual radios (e.g. location data refresh rate)