SafetyNet Digital

SafetyNet Digital offers a powerful range of services and functions to make
full use of the capabilities and versatility of digital radio technology.
SafetyNet Digital can link into radio channels through a mobile radio based
gateway or directly into the Hytera repeater. SafetyNet acts as a
gateway for audio and data between radio and IP technologies.

The core SafetyNet software can be expanded from a single site single PC
to systems with multiple channels and many operator positions through
software licenses. The core system provides the basic facilities, additional
functions like location services can also be added as a licensed option.

The power of SafetyNet is its modular format based on Client Server
technology, effectively extending radio communications anywhere over
an IP network.

SafetyNet Digital forms the main server and gateway functions for linking
with; SafetyNet Locator, Connect and DataServices applications.



Key Features and Benefits

  • Scaleable solution, from single PC workstation to multiple control room positions
  • Multiple talkgroup handling, individual calls with audio playback and despatch functions.
  • Range of radio technologies through repeater direct links or off air decoders
  • Powerful database functions for managing fleets and radio users
  • Deferred and stored actions
  • ARS/RRS and Registration services
  • Status management with personal alarms, stun, revive, microphone open features
  • GPS location services with Locator mapping option
  • Indoor location services with management of beacons and receivers
  • Full range of lone worker safety features and resource management
  • Other radio technologies supported seamlessly
  • Third party application interface