Body-worn cameras are becoming commonplace in many sectors due to the importance of evidence recording and collection. Hytera’s remote video microphones (RVMs) seamlessly integrate a body-worn camera and remote speaker microphone, providing a simple way of upgrading your communication system to include video capture.

The VM685 is Hytera’s flagship body-worn camera, boasting many impressive features. With its high levels of reliability and flexibility, you will never miss any crucial evidence, and with the comprehensive software options available all evidence captured is easily and securely analysed and stored.

Standard Accessories:

  • USB cable,
  • Charger,
  • User manual,
  • Belt clip (rotatable, length-adjustable),


16GB – £430.00 (ex. VAT)
32GB – £460.00 (ex. VAT)
64GB – £470.00 (ex. VAT)
128GB – £530.00 (ex. VAT)

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All-in-one device – The VM685 is an all-in-one device combining a body camera and remote speaker microphone, eliminating the requirements of multiple devices. Its camera module is rotatable by 180 degrees, and has a 140 degrees wide-angle lens, which can capture footage at 1080P resolution at 60 frames per second.

Flexibility of use – With its 2.4 inch LCD screen, evidence can be easily watched back on the device, but without any option to delete or edit footage. Evidence can only be edited via the password-protected software options.

Compact and lightweight – The VM685 weighs less than 170g. Hand-held, clipped, connected with optional KlickFast accessory or easily slipped into your pocket, makes this the ideal companion for evidence collection during an entire shift.

Rugged and reliable structure – The VM685 is compliant with MIL-STD-810 G and IP67 standards, and passes the 1.5m drop test, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh environments.

Data transfer and collection – Evidence management is a vital consideration when using body-worn cameras. Hytera systems boast the ability to store, collect and manage evidence either retrospectively or in real-time:

RVM Multi-Charger

You can dock up to six RVMs at a time, providing power indication, battery charging status, and data transmission indication. The charger will connect to a PC via USB and automatically export audio, video and log files to the evidence management software. You are also able to programme and upgrade the RVMs whist connected via the multi-charger.

Evidence Management Software (IDS)

Running on a PC, Smart MDM collects and stores digital evidence from RVM’s via Multi-unit Charger. With intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), you can review, manage, and share data simply and efficiently.

The software enables users to; manage the device comprehensively, query and replay the local data, import and upload the data to the cloud (DEM server) automatically, clear the collected data from RVMs automatically, and password protect data to satisfy data protection requirements. This solution is ideal for single-site, small system users.

Digital Evidence Management Platform (DEM)

Digital Evidence Management (DEM) Platform collects and stores the digital evidence on the public security network. You can tag the evidence and find it easily through key words. For data security, you can assign different permissions to different users.

With DEM, users can; process large amounts of data, improve reliability by making manual backup procedures redundant, automatically upload data to the server, and allocate role-based access control and user authorisation for security. This solution is designed for multi-site, large system corporations with a high number of users across each site.

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