VoCoVo Call Point

Boost customer satisfaction at the touch of a button.

Customers often need help finding products or making a decision. But if they can’t get that help quickly, there’s a good chance they’ll leave without buying.

With VoCoVo CallPoints customers can press a customer service button to request help. This broadcasts a message to staff with headsets or handsets, telling them where the customer is. For example, ‘customer assistance required at click and collect’.

Staff can respond via the call button. Alternatively, they can let the customer know that they are on their way.

Customer service buttons can be placed around stores, within fitting rooms, at delivery points, or at click and collect desks.



Designed for use with the VoCoVo Controller, the VoCoVo wireless Call Point allows customers to request assistance at the location and time it is needed. Touching the call button immediately generates an audible message that is sent to support colleagues via their VoCoVo wireless device. The message states the location where assistance is required.

Long battery life – depending on usage, the VoCoVo Call Points typically only needs to be charged every 90 days. The Call Point has multiple charging options including rechargeable batteries and mains charging, meaning it can be positioned almost anywhere and can be easily relocated with the minimum of effort.

Instantly assist customers – give your customers great service, on-demand. Our Call Points free up your team to stay productive on the shop floor and cover desks like Click & Collect, Customer Services or self-checkouts remotely. Answer customer questions quickly by giving your team the option to respond remotely via the Call Point when they don’t need to attend in-person. The Call Point flashes to let customers know the request has been sent.

Flexible staffing – track when and how often customers use desks like Click & Collect or Customer Services, monitor how quickly your team respond to calls, and assign resources accordingly. Unlock all those working hours spent manning quiet desks. Our Call Points free up colleagues to work on other tasks around the store, without being tied down to one location.

Supercharge all areas of your store – Customer service buttons can be placed around stores, within fitting rooms, at delivery points, or at click and collect desks. With retail stores being an ever changing environment, our Call Points are entirely mobile and can be picked up and moved with ease. Call Points can be there to assist customers and empower colleagues.