Rugged smart devices built for the new way of working

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The need for a mobile workforce is becoming clearer as stakeholder expectations grow in key areas of both the public and private sectors.

Many organisations are empowering their employees with enterprise mobility. They are becoming reliant on workers having access to their data and being able to communicate with their colleagues wherever they are – more and more so using handheld devices.

Successful businesses are often driven by data and software applications that allow them to run cost-effectively, efficiently and accurately. As a result, many workers need to use a smart device to execute everyday tasks.

For many businesses it is difficult to find devices which cost-effectively deliver the quality, reliability, longevity and security they expect in return for their investment – the answer is Samsung’s rugged range of smartphones and tablets.


Meet the Samsung rugged range


Galaxy XCover Pro

A durable phone made for the outdoors but with flagship phone performance. The two XCover Key design lets you customise to access the apps you need with a press. Dual LED aids in low-light adventures, while the Service LED flashes when receiving messages.


Galaxy XCover 5

Designed for durability, Galaxy XCover 5 is ready to go wherever life takes you. The XCover key adds convenience at a press, like easily turning on the LED Torchlight, or you can customise it to access your frequently used apps.


Galaxy TabActive Pro

The Samsung Galaxy TabActive Pro is the ideal device to lead the charge towards greater digitisation. Its rugged design enables a wider implementation of the transformational digital solutions that were previously out of reach for many companies and organisations.


Galaxy TabActive 3

Slim and lightweight – not words you’d expect to hear when describing something with military standard durability. The Galaxy Tab Active3’s super-tough, rugged design makes it the ultimate sidekick no matter whether it’s being used at home, on the road, or even off-piste.

Push-to-talk (PTT) for business users


Samsung rugged smartphones and tablets are compatible with Zebra Workforce Connect, the business push-to-talk (PTT) application which enables workers to be just the touch of a button away from one another, no matter where they are.

Google Material Design – because it looks, feels and operates just how employees are used to with their personal phones, staff training required is minimal.

Two-way radio features – individual call, group call, emergency, messaging, location services and call playback are just some of the functions.

Nationwide coverage – this means that employees can enjoy efficient and instant PTT communication no matter where they are in the world.

Defence-grade security for your business


Samsung Knox – Mobile Device Management
Keep your company data safe with the defence-grade security of Knox Platform that protects your device from the chip up. Knox Configure lets you automate configuration and customization, while Knox Manage and Enterprise FOTA make remote device management and deployment of security patches a snap.

Samsung rugged – made for professionals

If you’re a business and you need to equip your workforce with smartphones and tablets, here’s why you don’t need to look anywhere other than the Samsung rugged range.


Samsung devices have achieved an international standard rating of IP68. They can withstand dust/dirt/sand, and are resistant to submersion, up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.


Samsung rugged devices have achieved the highest military standards for survivability and endurance.


Anti-shock protection makes Samsung rugged devices extra durable – just the peace of mind businesses need when equipping their workers with technology to be used in the field.

Programmable key

Samsung’s programmable button lets you customise immediate access to your most critical Line of Business applications at the press of a button. text

Mobile Points of Sale

Samsung Rugged Galaxy Tablets and Smartphones provide a convenient, secure mobile POS experience and empower employees to be customer-driven.

POGO Pin/fast charging

Samsung rugged devices are compatible with the POGO Charging Dock, which delivers 15% faster charging with no extra plugging in required.

All-round device security


Samsung Knox

A defence-grade security platform built from the hardware level, which helps ensure protection across all deployed devices.


Biometric authentication

Our devices feature biometrics, authentication methods that can identify individuals based on physiological characteristics.


Always up-to-date

Samsung Knox lets you dynamically update your fleet’s apps and configurations, making sure they’re always up to date.

Samsung rugged in action

Dalcour Maclaren

Dalcour Maclaren is one of the UK’s leading Chartered Surveyors of the utility and infrastructure sectors, they use Samsung rugged devices to collect and manage data in and out of the field to increase efficiencies.


Distribution and logistics company Hermes replaced thousands of dedicated hardware scanners with Scandit-enabled Samsung rugged devices to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and provide couriers with a more flexible and intuitive Last Mile delivery solution.

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