Lightweight two-way radio audio accessories

Syndico is proud to be Savox’s Master European Distributor for Vigilite accessories.

Savox’s mission is to help professionals in demanding environments by delivering robust two-way radio communication accessories. Users in many industries rely on audio accessories to guarantee both receipt of important voice communications and the covertness of communications received – Savox is the go-to for lightweight accessories, even for multi-brand radio fleets.

Syndico is proud to be the Master European Distributor for Savox’s Vigilite range of audio accessories. With a portfolio of accessories compatible with all major PMR brands, notably Hytera, Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Sepura and TeloSystems, Savox succeeds thanks to the superior build quality of their products. Lightweight accessories can have a high turnover rate, however Savox earpieces are built to deliver long-lasting quality to users everywhere.

With Savox’s Vigilite range, every user has an option. The product range caters for different earpiece, PTT and wiring options, and are perfect for installed or hired radio fleets with a large volume of users.

SEP-290 Series

Providing high performance audio quality for all users – from police and security to hotel and catering staff – the SEP-290 has an earpiece, microphone, push to talk and volume control in the same package.

SEP-190 Series

Designed for policing and security, SEP-190 offers high performance audio quality and comfort with adjustable fully rotating earbud, coiled cord cable and ergonomically designed mic/push to talk.

S1-8800 Series

Ideal for police and security personnel as well as stewards, hotel and catering staff, the covert S1-8800 series provides excellent audio quality and a comfortable fit via high-grade silicon ear-tips.

S1-7702 Series

Perfect for hire fleets, the universal kit is a PTT & mic unit with the flexibility to add a modular earpiece. Keep the PTT unit attached to the radio and issue users with their own attachment.

SH-01 Series

Suitable for use in particularly harsh environments, the SH-01 series offers comfort, high performance audio quality, rugged design and IP67 protection against dust and water ingress.

S1-7700 Series

A classic design for professional semi-covert applications, S1-7700 has great audio quality for users who don’t need PTT. Thanks to its high-grade silicon ear-tips, the S1-7700 series is both flexible and comfortable to wear.

SEP-EM2 Series

SEP-EM2 is a cost-effective, entry-level listen-only earpiece. It has an adjustable fully rotating earbud and Kevlar reinforced coiled cord cable for comfortable wearing and durability.

L1-7700 Series

The L1-7700 kit is designed for listen only applications. It includes a clear eartip, quick disconnect acoustic tube and replaceable speaker capsule – it can also be worn with ear inserts.

RSM35 Series

The RSM35 is a rugged speaker microphone with bi-colour PTT, emergency buton, 3.5mm jack, coiled kevlar cable and rear clip. It’s IP67-rated, suitable for use in harsh conditions.

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