Savox Communications headsets

Savox Headsets offer users a flexible way to ensure they can communicate effectively and according to their specific needs, no matter how challenging the environment or situation.


HC-1 Helmet Com

Compact bone conducting headset which can be mounted in a helmet for users working in hazardous environments. ATEX version available.


HC-2 Helmet Com

A compact dual-speaker bone conductive headset used in helmets and works together with Savox Classic PTTs and RSMs. ATEX version available.


L-H Light Headset

A rugged and lightweight two-way radio headset designed for industrial users working in demanding environments. ATEX version available.


HC-E Helmet Com

An affordable, lightweight helmet communication system for professionals using protective headgear. ATEX version available.



Savox HC-100 Helmet-Com headsets brings new modularity for professionals working in demanding conditions, and is available in 5 different variations.



HC-200 is a dual-mic headset designed for professionals to integrate with their protective headgear while working in challenging and hazardous environments.

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