Syndico announces go live date for mobile app & E-Commerce solution

Syndico is pleased to announce that work on our state of the art mobile application and E-Commerce solution is complete and testing is in final stages prior to launch.

From January 4th 2018, our reseller partners will be able to log in via a dedicated portal on the internet or via a mobile app on their smart phone and place orders.

Shona Barnett, Operations Director at Syndico, said “Our goal was to make doing business with us even easier for our customers, and we have invested heavily in this technology to bring this development to them.  If you are ordering from your computer terminal, you can look up products and order them in real time, so it will make the process perfectly accurate.  If you are field based, you don’t have to wait until you get back to the office to place your order – just get your smart phone out and get the job done on the spot!”

Commenting on the achievement, Andrew Wilson, Managing Director, said “We know that it can take some companies years to incorporate a solution such as this into their business, but our team has done it in a few months.  That’s the Syndico way.  We get things done.”





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