Things you might not know about AINA PTT

The PTT Voice Responder from AINA Wireless is designed and built for users who need seriously loud audio from a device which can take on the worst environmental conditions.

The PTT Voice Responder from AINA Wireless is a next-generation Bluetooth speaker microphone. It can remotely control functions such as push-to-talk, channel switching and emergency calls when used with a PoC application.

The PTT Voice Responder is the perfect companion for users looking for complete communication flexibility. By connecting to your smartphone or PoC handset via Bluetooth, the PTT voice responder allows users to store their phone or PoC device safely and experience loud, clear and reliable communication through a rugged, versatile unit. When looking to overhaul the way their staff communicate, Japan Airlines did exactly that.


Rugged, flexible communications

For remote workers, the PTT Voice Responder and its accessories are the perfect companions to ensure they go out into the field with peace of mind that they will remain connected at all times.

It’s highly compatible

The PTT Voice Responder is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Users can pair their PTT Voice Responder with the PoC application they are running on their smart device, keeping their smartphone safely in a pocket or jacket during harsh conditions.

It’s built to last

The PTT Voice Responder’s design focuses on the user’s needs and safety. The device is extremely durable and reliable with CE, FCC and IC certification, perfect for remote workers who need total trust in their devices even in the worst environments.

It’s loud and clear

Whether you work in a noisy, loud or windy environment, the PTT Voice Responder features crisp and clear audio quality. Coupled with its ergonomic design and multiple button functions, it’s super easy to receive and deliver clear communication.

“Someone in engineering at AINA Wireless was really paying attention to customer needs in terms of ergonomic design and Bluetooth protocols. Having the IP67 rating gives me the confidence to take the device wherever needed while doing my job.”

Glen Mann – Field Service Engineer, Process Technology Inc.


Interested in the PTT Voice Responder…? It’s available now, so head over to our AINA Wireless page for more information, or speak to a member of the team if you have any questions.

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