VoCoVo communications headsets in action: small, independent retail and hospitality businesses

Small, independent businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors have had a challenging few years. It’s no wonder that many of them are on the lookout for technology solutions to bring them closer to their customers, and it’s even less of a surprise that many of them are turning to VoCoVo communication headsets.

Convenience stores, restaurants, takeaway spots and other similar small, independent businesses rely heavily on delivering exceptional service to their customers if they are to retain their loyalty. Many have worked out, correctly, that empowering their teams to communicate effectively is the best place to start.

Unfortunately, the technology that many of these businesses use simply doesn’t cut it. That’s why VoCoVo has become supremely popular with businesses within the retail, hospitality and leisure spaces.

VoCoVo is a plug-and-play communication headset solution; it can be used simply for reliable, discreet push-to-talk communication or scaled up to integrate with telephony systems and business intelligence applications. It’s ideal for small businesses to start with, as all the system needs is power in order to work and it creates its own communication network so that it doesn’t require any additional infrastructure.

Small and/or independent businesses everywhere are turning to VoCoVo to bring them closer to their customers.

  • Retail businesses love VoCoVo because they can communicate quicker, clearer and more discreetly compared with two-way radios or without using any technology at all. By empowering staff to communicate better, they can resolve customer queries faster, reduce theft and help staff to feel safer when working in often isolated situations.
  • Hospitality businesses love VoCoVo because their staff can stay connected across the whole premises – no matter the shape or size – and resolve customers’ questions without ever leaving their side. They can also take steps to reducing the number of missed bookings by taking incoming phone calls on their headsets rather than having to answer a separate handset.


Success stories from small, independent businesses

We’ve already seen many customers experience overnight improvements by implementing a VoCoVo solution. Many of them were previously using communication technology such as licence-free two way radios, and have improved the quality, clarity and reliability of their teams’ conversations since making the switch.

Here are some real-life stories from users who have turned to VoCoVo.


Creightons – Convenience Store

Creightons of Finaghy, Balmoral and Black’s Road are a family business operating in the heart of South Belfast since 1936. While trying to protect their customers through the COVID-19 pandemic, they discovered that the two-way radio system they used for team communication just didn’t cut it.

Creightons employed VoCoVo partner BP Multipage to supply them with a solution to fit their needs, and their system can “grow with [them]” in line with their requirements and as their business grows.

Click here to read the full Creightons case study.


Pond Pak Service Station – Forecourt Retail

A Nisa Local franchise in Lisburn, County Antrim, Nettlehill Pond Park Service Station needed to change the way their team members communicate.

Pond Park Service Station management also reached out to VoCoVo partner BP Multipage to provide them with their headset communication system. As a direct result of investing in VoCoVo, “the team are now able to communicate freely over two floors of the shop without having to physically go and find someone.”

Click here to read the full Pond Park Service Station case study.


Shaws Fish and Chips – Takeaway Restaurant

For many food and drink outlets, team communication can make a significant difference when it comes to staff efficiency, customer satisfaction and queue management.

Shaws, based in Barnsley, are one of Yorkshire’s most long-standing and popular take-away outlets. They were worried about the experience their customers had when visiting their shop as their team members had to shout at each other over the noisy kitchen equipment. Now that they are using VoCoVo headsets, provided by Speak.IT solutions, it has ” totally stopped all the shouting”.

Click here to read the full Shaws case study.



Get started with VoCoVo today

If you run a retail, hospitality or leisure business, or you are a reseller of communication, IT or EPOS technology and you are interested in VoCoVo, we’d love to help you! Simply contact Kane Brewer today on 01489 287 287 or kane.brewer@syndico.net to get started.

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