VoCoVo Team Communication Headsets

VoCoVo team headset solutions improve team communication – boosting efficiency, unlocking profitability gains, improving staff engagement and combating theft and antisocial behaviour. Loved by Tier I giants and small, independents alike – made for businesses like yours.

VoCoVo connects teams through voice

VoCoVo is a wireless headset system which allows customer-facing teams to communicate and collaborate discreetly. VoCoVo is a plug-and-play system which is ready to work out of the box and doesn’t require any installation, setup or internet connection – just mains power.

VoCoVo makes teams more efficient

VoCoVo makes team communication simple and effective, which positively impacts customer experience, staff efficiency, loss prevention and overall business profitability.


VoCoVo helps teams members to communicate more efficiently. Colleagues can save time every shift by using the headsets to communicate in one open talk group, resulting in questions being answered faster and less time spent walking to find the right person to speak to. For the business, these efficiency gains quickly turn into cost-savings.

Team efficacy

VoCoVo helps colleagues feel more connected when at work. Staff who use VoCoVo feel more confident in being able to resolve customer queries quickly and feel generally happier at work. Staff also feel safer when they use VoCoVo as they are less likely to feel isolated – even when working in an area on their own.

Staff empowerment

VoCoVo gives staff the one key component they need to feel empowered at work – communication. By having clear and discreet communication with the rest of their team, staff have far greater situational awareness which they can use to help customers quickly. As a result, staff who use VoCoVo feel more part of a team.

Are you looking to purchase or resell VoCoVo?
Start a conversation with us today!

Are you looking to purchase or resell VoCoVo? Start a conversation with us today!

VoCoVo customer testimonials

Customers love VoCoVo. By implementing their headset solution to better connect employees, VoCoVo users everywhere have improved staff efficacy, saved money, provided a better customer service, reduced theft, increased business intelligence as well as many other factors.

VoCoVo solutions are fully scalable. So no matter the size, shape or nature of a business, users can build their VoCoVo solution as their business grows. Whether you are a Tier I highstreet giant or a small, independent business, VoCoVo is right for you.


Trusted to connect:

Vocovo Go Retail Users
Vocovo Go Retail Users - Mobile

Packages for teams of all shapes and sizes

VoCoVo headset communication systems are used and trusted by retail, hospitality and leisure users everywhere – from Tesco and B&Q to your local convenience store or takeaway restaurant.

VoCoVo empowers teams with clear, instant and discreet communication across the entire premises to drive efficiency and boost customer service. They come ready to work out-of-the-box and don’t require complex installation, ready to deliver instant results.

Vocovo Go Base Unit with headset

Connect up to 29 team members out-of-the-box – simply plug the base station into mains power and start using. Each employee can have their own wearable which the headset clips into for optimal comfort and hygiene – choose between a headband, neckband or ear hook.

Vocovo Go Plus

Connect 29 or more team members out-of-the-box and integrate customer call points – ideal for click-and-collect desks or aisles where customers are likely to require assistance. GO+ systems are future-proofed for third-party API integrations – call us to learn more.

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