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VoCoVo GO+

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VoCoVo GO+ is a plug-and-play communication headset system designed and built for customer-facing teams with added customer call point functionality, boosting the connection between colleagues and with customers simply and quickly. Find an approved VoCoVo sales and service partner who can supply, install and maintain your VoCoVo system – click here to find a partner.

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VoCoVo GO+ is a headset communication system with added customer call point functionality. Loved and trusted by both high street and independent retail and hospitality brands, VoCoVo boosts colleague collaboration, helping them to deliver an exceptional customer experience, deal with theft and antisocial behaviour proactively and feel safer and happier at work.

VoCoVo headsets are stylish and ergonomic and allow colleagues to discreetly communicate across the entire premises – including secondary areas such as a stock room, forecourt or beer garden. Call points can be used across the premises to give customers immediate access to a colleague regardless of where they are in the store. When a call point is pressed, an alert goes out to all headsets which can be answered by anyone – allowing colleagues greater flexibility around the store.

  • Connect large numbers of users
  • Requires mains power and ethernet connection
  • Talk range: up to 90m omnidirectional from the base station
  • Two methods of communicating – push-to-talk (single duplex) or talk lock (full duplex)
  • Customer call point functionality
  • Three wearables types – headband, neckband or ear hook
  • Up to 1,000 charge cycles per headset (approximately 3 years)

There are several components which you can use to build your perfect VoCoVo GO+ System:

VoCoVo S4 headset

VoCoVo headset (including headband*) with integrated li-ion battery.

RRP: £175.59 (ex. VAT)*

VoCoVo base station

VoCoVo base station (includes power supply and universal fixing mount).

RRP: £665.78 (ex. VAT)

VoCoVo charger rack

VoCoVo 5-unit desktop modular charger rack (includes power supply).

RRP: £200.60 (ex. VAT)

VoCoVo call point

VoCoVo customer touch call point button (includes power supply).

RRP: £262.56 (ex. VAT)*

VoCoVo controller

VoCoVo controller unit (requires additional ethernet cable).

RRP: £682.71 (ex. VAT)

*If you want, you can purchase your headsets with neckband (£173.85 ex. VAT) or ear hook (£171.79 ex. VAT) instead. Spare wearables can be ordered separately – please refer to the price book in the “resources” tab for more information.



Plug-and-play colleague headset communication system.

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Simple push-to-talk

VoCoVo allows colleagues to communicate instantly with each other no matter where they are on the premises. No more looking for colleagues, no more shouting across the store and no more tannoy announcements – a simple and effective way to boost collaboration.

Part of the uniform

Customers like to see colleagues who are equipped to do their jobs to the best of their ability. That’s why some of the largest names in high street retail including ASDA, Halfords and Wickes recognise VoCoVo headsets as part of colleagues’ uniforms.


Serve customers faster

Using customer call points with VoCoVo GO+, staff can serve customers faster than ever before without being confined to one area of the premises. When the customer presses a call point button, which can be located anywhere on the premises, an alert goes to every headset for any colleague to answer, resulting in customer queries being resolved quickly and effectively.

Flexibility like never before

Because VoCoVo headsets can talk from one end of a large store to another, it means that staff can work more flexibly than ever before. Colleagues no longer need to be tied down to one area of the store or restaurant and they can collaborate without walking to have a face-to-face conversation, meaning they can complete tasks faster and more accurately.


Discreet communication

VoCoVo allows team members to communicate discreetly, which has a positive impact on customers’ experiences when visiting. It also helps them to proactively and effectively with theft and antisocial behaviour, two critical factors which can eat into retail and hospitality business’ profits.

Robust and ergonomic

VoCoVo headsets are light and ergonomic, ideal for retail or restaurant workers who are always on the move, yet rugged and robust enough to withstand constant use and drops from head-height. They also have three different wearable options – headband, neckband and ear hook.

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