VoCoVo GO+


VoCoVo GO+ is a plug-and-play communication headset system which can connect teams in excess of 30 members with added call point, telephony and business intelligence functionality.

Ready to take your team communications to the next level? VoCoVo GO+ can connect teams of 30+ users with multiple talk groups. It also has the extra functionality of call points and can integrate with a range of third-party applications, giving you access to business intelligence*.

VoCoVo GO+ makes it easy for businesses to have have a bigger impact on their customers by bringing their employees closer to them. GO+ systems can accommodate multiple voice conferences, making them perfect if you have more than one team operating in the same location.

VoCoVo GO+ standard package:

  • Controller
  • Headsets (including headbands)
  • Base unit (includes power supply)
  • Multi-charger racks (includes power supply)

* Third-party application integration requirements are assessed on a project basis – please contact us for more information.


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Intelligent push-to-talk – communicate instantly with colleagues however suits you – either by pressing and holding the “push-to-talk” button, or applying “talk lock” which leaves your microphone open if you need both your hands free.

Great for click-and-collect – when a customer presses the button on a VoCoVo call point, any member of the team can talk to them directly via their headset. Without having a permanently-manned click-and-collect desk, staff can work more efficiently.

Sleek headset design – perfect for delivering crisp, clear and instant communication between teams without detracting from customer experience.

Wide talk range – a VoCoVo base unit delivers up to 90m² talk range, which can be boosted with a VoCoVo repeater, ensuring staff are connected even in large stores.

No more tannoy announcements – keep staff communication low-key to ensure loud tannoy announcements are no longer needed. And multiple voice conferences available, different teams working on the same site can communicate effectively.


Do the small things well

With the flexibility that comes with implementing a VoCoVo solution, its even easier to do the small things that, if not done properly, can ruin the in-store experience for your customers. When you can communicate with colleagues discreetly without tannoy announcements and conduct routine stock checks, price checks and product enquiries better than ever, you’re onto a winner.


Simple to use push-to-talk

Have a real-time conversation with any colleague across your team, store or company at the touch of a button. With features like Mute and Talk-Lock, it’s easy to keep your communications hands-free and flexible so you can focus entirely on your customers.


Create a more flexible workforce

Thanks to VoCoVo GO+ systems’ additional functionality, teams can take communication to a whole new level. Creating multiple talk groups can allow different teams to communicate independently, and by using call points businesses can create an efficient and safe click-and-collect system. Ultimately, teams can work in a smarter way in order to create the best customer experience.


Trusted by Tier I retail giants

You will see VoCoVo in use at ASDA, B&Q, Wickes, TK Maxx, Tesco and other retail stores, as well as popular restaurants such as TGI Friday. However, because the “GO” system is so simple it gives smaller, independant retailers, restaurants, leisure centres, venues and much more the chance to benefit from the same technology – without breaking the bank.

Customers love VoCoVo. By implementing their headset solution to better connect employees, VoCoVo users everywhere have improved staff efficacy, saved money, provided a better customer service, reduced theft, increased business intelligence as well as many other factors.

VoCoVo solutions are fully scalable. So no matter the size, shape or nature of a business, users can build their VoCoVo solution as their business grows. Whether you are a Tier I highstreet giant or a small, independent business, VoCoVo is right for you.

  • "VoCoVo provides discreet communication between the entire shop team, allowing us to react to any situation in a prompt manner. The system can also grow with us as we need which is another real bonus."

    Alan Gilliland
    Alan Gilliland Manager | Creightons of Finaghy, Balmoral and Black’s Road
  •   "It has impacted upon our customer service - it has improved it enormously. The team don’t walk away from the customer, they stay with the customer without ever drawing away from building a relationship in the moment. Keeping that relationship with quite vulnerable and sometimes angry people, that is imperative for me."

    Nigel Partridge
    Nigel Partridge Customer Service Centre Manager | Lambeth Borough Council
  • "[Before VoCoVo], the team had no communication at all. If a cashier needed something from the floor, they had to ring a bell to get someone’s attention. The team are now able to communicate freely over two floors of the shop without having to physically go and find someone."

    John P Flood
    John P Flood Owner | Pond Park Service Station (Nettlehill)
  • "A noisy kitchen environment and noisy front of house meant that chefs and customer service had to shout to each other over equipment to communicate. This impacted on our customers’ experience as they could hear all of this noise. VoCoVo has totally stopped all the shouting, it’s fantastic!"

    Mike Shaw
    Mike Shaw Owner | Shaws Fish and Chips
  • "Each checkout now has a VoCoVo KeyPad installed which links up to the colleague headsets, allowing for 2 way communication between checkout colleagues and service hosts, thus being able to assist customers in-store quickly and efficiently."

    Steve Edwards
    Steve Edwards Senior Manager, Central Retail Operations | ASDA
  • “We no longer have to run around looking for free tables, the team and door-host can now communicate and coordinate wherever they are in the restaurant”

    Elizabeth Scott
    Elizabeth Scott Store Manager | TGI Fridays
  • "We are really impressed with the quality of the VoCoVo headsets. Costs have been reduced as we no longer have to replace parts so frequently."

    Paul Cannon
    Paul Cannon Head of Retail IT | Wickes
  • "VoCoVo allows us to work on customers’ cars outside, whilst still being fully connected to the rest team. It’s completely changed the way we work."

    Tom James
    Tom James Store Manager | Halfords

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