VoCoVo in action: Testimonials

Find out how VoCoVo has helped current users, both large and small, to connect their staff and customers better than ever before.


ASDA approached VoCoVo as part of a plan to overhaul the technology in a number of its stores. Their focus centered around generating efficiencies at a scale that would enhance colleagues ability to multi-task, whilst also looking to continuously improve the service they offer by streamlining their checkouts and preventing any delays that hold up the customer experience.

Each checkout now has a VoCoVo KeyPad installed which links up to the colleague headsets, allowing for 2 way communication between checkout colleagues and service hosts, thus being able to assist customers in-store quickly and efficiently.


Steve Edwards | Senior Manager, Central Retail Operations


TGI Friday brought VoCoVo into the fold to deliver a little forward thinking and innovation as part of a wider strategy aimed at tackling inefficiencies while staying fresh and relevant in a rapidly evolving market landscape brimming with fast-growing newcomers. VoCoVo hardware now features as part of the communications infrastructure across their UK restaurants.

“We no longer have to run around looking for free tables, the team and door-host can now communicate and coordinate wherever they are in the restaurant”


Elizabeth Scott | Store Manager


Wickes was already using headsets throughout its stores to increase store efficiency and improve customer experience.  However, their existing wireless headset system was not robust enough, resulting in large, frequent repair bills. It also lacked some key functionality that Wickes wanted to introduce for their staff.

We are really impressed with the quality of the VoCoVo headsets. Costs have been reduced as we no longer have to replace parts so frequently.


Paul Cannon | Head of Retail IT


Halfords wanted to invest in a communications infrastructure update to meet the challenges of growth and prevent inefficiencies in increasingly demanding day-to-day operations. The goal was to confine communication to team-only broadcasts while creating other measurable efficiencies by better connecting departments, teams and individuals across the ample floorplans that are typical of Halfords stores.

VoCoVo allows us to work on customers’ cars outside, whilst still being fully connected to the rest team. It’s completely changed the way we work.


Tom James | Store Manager


Instant communication for small teams

Shaw’s Fish & Chips case study

Did you know… you will often see VoCoVo systems in action at many of the UK’s favourite eat-in and take-away spots?

Shaw’s Fish & Chips have been proudly serving the people of Barnsley since 1979. In that time, the team at Shaw’s have always maintained a first-class standard of service and high quality food. But delivering first-class service time and time again has had its challenges, according to owner Mike Shaw.

Shaw approached our VoCoVo partner Speak-IT Solutions to resolve their communication issues. After a recommendation to use VoCoVo Headsets, members of the Shaw’s team can now effectively communicate across the whole premises at the touch of a button – results that Shaw himself has hailed as “fantastic”.

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