DJI Enterprise: why comms resellers should use drones to expand their reach

According to PwC, drones could play a significant role in the UK’s economic growth by 2030. It is expected that, by investing in drone technology, businesses could experience huge net cost saving while creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs.


Drones have become popular consumer items all around the world. Modern drones employ aviation features to make flights incredibly stable, efficient and productive. Whether your mission is to capture photos or videos, collect waypoints or cover vast ground, there is a drone for you.

As a result, it is no surprise that many businesses are looking closely drone technology. The fact that having your Amazon parcels delivered via PrimeAir is now a reality shows just how far drone technology has advanced, and is a relevant example of drones fixing a real-world problem in the age of sky-rocketing customer expectations.

While drone delivery is a far-out concept and unlikely to be available in every city and town (for now, anyway), many simple yet real business problems can be solved from the air.

THE FUTURE. Businesses are now using drones to make their operations more efficient, safe and profitable. Pictured: DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

For many businesses, gaining aerial perspective of a building, site or situation would make all the difference yet seems impossible to achieve.

Whether a farmer needs to more effectively survey their land, a search and rescue team need help locating a stranded person, a Police team need to assess a developing situation or an organization need to inspect a damaged building or structure, deploying a drone can give users instant situational awareness and all the information they need for their next decision.

And importantly, it can be achieved from the safety of the ground and without the need for expensive, specialized equipment which can sometimes take days to acquire and set up.


Enter: the communications reseller

Communication is key for users in these sectors. They have been employing two-way radio communication technology for some time to make their operations more efficient, safe and profitable.

Often, businesses need advice on how to best buy for their needs – knowing how to construct the best communication solution depending on their users, location, environment and way of working isn’t second nature to them.

That’s why professional communication resellers are always in demand – experts in pre, during and post-sales, they know how to ensure a customer not only gets the equipment they need but the service required to make their system perform over a long time.

Buying a drone for business is no different – in fact, it requires the same approach, and is why communication resellers are perfectly placed to help their customers become more safe, efficient and profitable by using drones.


Why DJI Enterprise?

DJI’s mission is to empower users to capture images that were once out of reach. As a result of their dedication to innovation and creativity, their drone products have become recognized as the best in the world.

Their enterprise range of drones, payloads and software applications were designed and built for a new generation of work – for businesses who value efficiency and innovation and are always looking for a way to move forward. They are built to go above and beyond the capability of consumer and professional models – when it comes to flight performance, camera specification or ruggedness, enterprise drones can do far more.

DJI IN ACTION: DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise series drones are used by Devon and Cornwall Police during search and rescue operations. Click here to watch their video.

Take a common job like inspections or surveying. These jobs can take many different forms but are often centred around looking for vital information – whether it be to do with structural integrity, heat mapping or environmental change.

Gathering accurate and reliable information when performing these tasks comes with several risks – the threat to human safety, the financial cost of hiring, setting up an operating equipment and being unable to gather accurate enough data.

A very simple solution to all three of these problems would be investing in a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise advanced drone. Why? Here are the three key issues addressed:


1. When using a drone, you can gain vital aerial perspective from the safety of the ground. It also means you can view your asset, structure or land however you want – such as through ultra-zoom or thermal imaging – and the inspection can be watched in real-time by a team of people on a screen.

2. Instead of hiring and erecting scaffolding, cherry pickers or other expensive, specialist equipment, a Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone is easy to carry around, quick to get in the air and simple to operate. This means the cost of doing jobs is far less, and many more can be done in the same time.

3. If you can’t get close enough or view an asset or structure from the right place, you can’t expect the best results. But with an enterprise-grade drone such as a Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, you have the power to reach places you simply can’t on your own to gather the right information to make informed decisions.


Choose Syndico as your DJI Enterprise partner

Syndico is a specialist distributor of professional communication, drone, body-worn video and PPE products from the leading manufacturers. We are a distributor rather than a wholesaler, because we do far more than shift boxes.

When you choose us as your distributor, you are choosing to receive the best customer service in the market as well as all the sales, marketing, technical and logistical support you need in order to grow your business.

PARTNERING WITH US: Syndico is unique in terms of the value we provide as a distributor – we do so much more than shift boxes in order to help you grow your business.

Or philosophy is simple – we work with the best manufacturer in each field and fully invest in their brand and ecosystem. That way, we can form the most successful partnerships with professional resellers on a foundation of proven products from the most innovative manufacturers.

Getting started with us is simple – just click here to find out what it’s like to partner with us, complete our simple online account application process, and away you go! We have product champions for each of our great brands with a proven record of growing sales – consider them a member of your team from day one.

If you’re particularly interested in DJI Enterprise, speak to Andrew Bird today by calling him on 01489 287 287, sending him an email or booking a meeting with him.

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