Connect teams at the touch of a button – wherever they are

Push-to-talk app for any smartphone, tablet or Windows 10 PC. From just £7.99 per user per month.

Zebra Workforce Connect is an app which allows users to communicate instantly and clearly at the touch of a button with nationwide coverage. Compatible on Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices, Workforce Connect can unify a business by removing all physical and geographical barriers between workers, allowing them to work efficiently and safely.

– Connect workers with instant push-to-talk, no matter where they are in the country. As long as they are connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, they are in talk range!

– Stop your workforce from using more devices than they need – install on any smart device which runs Android or iOS, or any Windows 10 PC.

– Designed in accordance with Google Material Design standards so that its user interface is easily learned and navigated without the need for extensive training.

– Run from Zebra’s secure servers or host on your own server.


A user interface optimised for efficient communication


Workforce Connect’s user interface is designed for workers to achieve total communication flexibility, no matter where they are or where they are going. It is a Google Material Design app, which means the user experience is seamless and smooth and it is instantly familiar to users of consumer devices, requiring virtually no training to use.

Create as many talk groups as you need

Easy over-the-air programming and fleet management

Real-time location with Google/iOS maps

Replay voice messages if you miss them (Android only)

Used by professionals in key industries

Keeping teams connected is hard, especially when they are spread out over wide geographical areas and always on the move. Giving them a platform to communicate instantly and at just one touch of a button allows them to collaborate better than ever before.

Workforce Connect is an app which runs seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and Windows 10 PCs. Whether you are an engineer working in the field, a driver always on the move or a support staff member working at a desk, you can be in constant contact with your colleagues at the touch of a button.

Utilities engineers

Be in contact with colleagues instantly at the touch of a button when you are out on the job. Reach out to support teams without having to wait for a phone call to connect or to be transferred to the right person, or be instantly notified of a new job, job change or cancellation. Great with Sonim XP8 ultra-rugged smartphones.

Couriers and hauliers

Be connected with your local depot no matter where you are, and receive vital information about your deliveries via clear voice communication. If you’re already using a smartphone or PDA, the app can run seamlessly on the same device. Voice messages received can be played back at any time* in case you miss a message when you are with a customer.

*Not yet available on iOS version of Zebra Workforce Connect.


Workforce Connect removes the need to carry multiple communication devices – often a smartphone, radio, pager and DECT phone – by running seamlessly on existing smart devices. Hospitals are often large sites or spread out over several locations, so you can stay connected with colleagues no matter where you are by connecting to either a Wi-Fi or LTE network.


Schools, colleges and universities are often large, spread-out campuses which would require complicated radio systems to cover entirely. Workforce Connect can easily be installed on staff members’ personal devices, making it a cost-effective solution. And it is a great way to boost staff and pupil safety during off-campus trips and activities, as teachers can communicate back to the school instantly at the touch of a button.

Customer success story: ArcBest Technologies



When replacing legacy smart devices for its workers, ArcBest wanted to ensure that their next investment would support and last its long-term evolution. Not only did they require Android devices to support its proprietary applications, but they needed to ensure that their large, spread-out workforce could be connected better than ever before.

Having invested in new Zebra touch computers and Workforce Connect, their teams can now communicate more efficiently which has driven increased productivity.


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