Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro – problems solved?

Push-to-talk over cellular has been regarded as the next-generation PMR technology for some time. However, the lack of a complete solution has been a major sales barrier for many end users.

Many users in transport, logistics, healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing and other sectors have been using Android smart devices for some time.

Many of they need flexible, instant, wide-area communications. Many of them only want to carry one device. Many of them don’t want to invest further in hardware. Yet very few of them know that they can use their existing smart device as a two-way radio by simply adding WFC PTT Pro.

Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro is an enterprise push-to-talk platform which allows workers to use either new or existing smart devices to communicate clearly at the touch of a button – no matter where they are or what they are doing. As long as a user has connection to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, they are in talk range. In a world which is fast-moving and ever-changing, there are numerous real-world problems which can be solved by better connecting your workforce.


PROBLEM: “I wish I could use my PDA as a two-way radio!”

Scenario: Couriers and delivery drivers are busier than ever with the continued rise of e-commerce and convenience of home deliveries. The extra strain this places on logistical operations makes it difficult for a regional hubs to maintain instant and flexible communication with drivers.

Solution: Instead of investing heavily in hardware to achieve wide-area communication with their drivers, which results in significant financial outlay and another device needing to be carried, WFC PTT Pro can simply be installed on the PDA or smartphone devices drivers are always using to manage their deliveries.

Results: long-term cost savings, increased flexibility for drivers, more efficient problem-solving, greater traceability and accountability.


PROBLEM: “My workforce rely on their handheld smart devices, but is so spread out across wide areas.”

Scenario: In a cost-saving exercise, a council’s IT director has been tasked with better connecting the workforce of remote workers such as parking attendants, inspectors and management personnel. They already use handheld smart devices, so if only they could be used for PTT communication…

Solution: WFC PTT Pro can be installed on any Android or iOS smart device. It runs seamlessly in the background of the device, pushing any voice or message notifications instantly. With WFC PTT Pro, the council can now get in touch with individuals, teams or groups at the touch of a button without having to provide remote workers with another device to use.

Results: long-term cost savings, flexibility to deal with issues by geographical area, boosted remote worker safety, efficient team communication coordinated over wide areas.


PROBLEM: “My staff are carrying too many devices.”

Scenario: Hospital staff are under more pressure than ever. Data and scanning solutions for patient information are becoming commonplace in the healthcare sector, yet staff are often carrying a smartphone, two-way radio, DECT phone and pager as well as their handheld computer.

Solution: Zebra scanning solutions are seen in most hospitals. The more devices staff carry, the greater the loss of communication efficiency, and the greater the ongoing cost for the hospital to maintain, repair and replace units. WFC PTT Pro can replace the smartphone, two-way radio, DECT phone and pager devices staff use – by simply adding PTT Pro to their scanning devices, staff have access to everything from one device.

The results: long-term cost savings, reduction in staff training, significantly increased communication efficiency.

The missing piece of the jigsaw

Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro isn’t a new product – it’s been tried, tested and developed extensively. We would love to talk to you about the opportunities available to connect organisations to an extent they never thought possible; Workforce Connect PTT Pro is push-to-talk over cellular, but is the complete solution we have, until now, been unable to provide.

Click here for more information on Workforce Connect PTT Pro, or get in contact with us today if you want to discuss business opportunities with a member of our team.

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