Connect your workforce to boost efficiency, productivity and safety

Zebra empowers the front line of business in retail/ecommerce, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, public sector and other industries to achieve a performance edge.

Data-driven solutions giving workers an edge

You may not always see Zebra, but Zebra solutions can be found working behind the scenes in many industries around the world. Zebra are all about ensuring every asset and worker on the edge is visible, connecting them to the data they need and guiding them with clear and accurate insights for the best next action.

Zebra solutions enable businesses to optimise workflows, operations, and decisions in real time for efficient, impactful results. Combining rugged, smart handheld devices with intuitive, powerful software applications, Zebra users can experience all their voice and data requirements from one point, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Leading the way with hardware and software

Harnessing the power of Android, Zebra empowers businesses to work effectively and efficiently through two key mediums – data and voice.

By providing teams with both the information they need to work productively and a way to communicate instantly with colleagues from one smart device, Zebra can give any business a platform to operate more intelligently than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to equip every colleague with a smart device, connect teams by push-to-talk without geographical limits, integrate on-site two-way radio systems with Android smart devices or revolutionise the way data is used for business operation, Zebra is the solutions partner for you.

Smart Devices

Zebra smart devices are rugged units powered by Android. Designed for workers who need to be agile and efficient, Zebra “Touch Computers” combine smart features including scanning and programmable buttons with the rugged, reliable build you would expect from the Zebra brand.

Workforce Connect

Workforce Connect is a wide-area push-to-talk application which turns a smart device into a two-way radio. The ideal solution for workers who need to access everything from one piece of hardware, Workforce Connect is cost-effective and connects businesses better than ever before.

Contact us about Zebra

We are a Zebra Business Partner, specialising in Workforce Connect push-to-talk. If you’d like to know more, please leave us a message using the form below and one of our experts will be in touch.


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