Zebra Technologies empowers “front line” workers with powerful hardware and software solutions which give them a performance edge by driving efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Empowering front line workers

You might not always see it, but Zebra technology is everywhere. Zebra solutions are powering many industries around the world, ensuring that every worker is connected and can access all the data they need to undertake their jobs in an effective, efficient way.

Zebra solutions empower workers to make accurate, informed decisions in real time. By equipping workers with smart, rugged devices with intuitive software applications, Zebra users have all the data and voice applications they use from one central point, allowing them to focus on the task in hand.


Zebra Workforce Connect

Two-way radios are popular because they are used for push-to-talk (PTT) communication, which is a fast, efficient and reliable way for colleagues to communicate within the business.

Two-way radios have their limitations though – they can only be used to communicate over narrow areas, and it is another separate device workers have to carry. Workforce Connect is an app which runs on any Android or iOS smart device, turning a device which is already used for everyday tasks into a two-way radio.


Zebra Touch Computers

Many workers carry multiple devices to carry out everyday tasks. While all these devices may be essential, carrying multiple devices drastically reduces productivity.

Zebra’s range of Touch Computers are powered by Android and converge all the functions workers need into one compact, rugged device. So instead of carrying a phone, two-way radio, pager, scanner and laptop, they only need to carry one device.

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