Workforce Connect: unified business push-to-talk platform

Turn your smartphone, PDA, scanner, tablet or Windows 10 PC into a two-way radio with nationwide coverage.

Workforce Connect from Zebra Technologies is an enterprise push-to-talk app which can help to boost efficiency, productivity and safety across the whole business. Push-to-talk communication allows colleagues to communicate faster and clearer – it removes the unnecessary time it takes to make phone calls, allows teams to communicate on a wider scale rather than just one-to-one, and can connect teams both inside and outside the organisation’s four walls.

Many businesses rely on smart devices for vital everyday functions like scanning, data management and job ticketing, so Workforce Connect is an easy way to bolt push-to-talk communication onto existing infrastructure. The fewer devices a worker has to carry, the more efficiently they can carry out their job – Workforce Connect allows workers to do it all from their chosen device which could be a smartphone, tablet, PDA or Windows PC.


All your contacts, easily accessible


Access every team member in your contact list, see who is online and create ad-hoc talk groups on-the-go depending on who you need to talk to or who is in a certain location.

SCENARIO: You have an urgent job which has come up last-minute, and you need to broadcast it to a handful of colleagues who are online but spread out across different teams and locations.

SOLUTION: Create an ad-hoc talk group made up of members of your choosing and send a push-to-talk message asking if anyone can help with the job. An available team member can then reply to all by push-to-talk so everybody knows that the job has been allocated.

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Group communication made easy


It’s easier than ever for individual teams or groups to have instant, efficient communication on-the-go. Set the right contacts up in the right groups so that communication is always available between the right people – no more ringing around every contact!

SCENARIO: Your company has multiple sites with a talk group set up for each site. You have something important to broadcast but is only relevant to team members working on one of the sites.

SOLUTION: Simply select the group for the site you need to speak to and hit the push-to-talk button. You are then placed into a talk group with all those users so communication is open and transparent.

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Your colleagues’ location in real-time


See where your team members are in real-time, and communicate instantly with either a contact or ad-hoc group based on their geographical location.

SCENARIO: You receive an urgent re-delivery request from an important customer towards the end of the working day. You want to keep the customer happy, and the easiest way is to redirect a nearby driver.

SOLUTION: Check where your drivers are on the map and create an ad-hoc talk group. An available driver can then reply with a PTT message to the whole group so that everybody knows the re-delivery is in process.

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Your favourite contacts just one touch away


You always have certain colleagues who you speak to more frequently than others. To save you scrolling through endless contacts lists every time, simply mark your favourite contacts with a “star” so they are only ever one touch away.

SCENARIO: You are working on an important project with just a few colleagues spread out across different teams, but you only ever need to speak to them individually and your company contacts list contains several hundred names.

SOLUTION: Simply hit the “star” icon next to each contact in the full contacts list and they will appear in the “favourites” tab – as soon as you’re done, hit the “star” icon on your favourites list to remove them.

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Replay recent push-to-talk messages


If you’re using Workforce Connect on an Android device, you can playback voice messages with each of your recent contacts. It also removes the gaps between PTT messages when they are played back, so you can catch up as quickly as possible.

SCENARIO: You receive a voice message from a colleague who you have been in PTT conversation with, but you miss the latest message because you were with a customer.

SOLUTION: Simply click on the contact in your “recents” tab and listen to the message again. It will play back your whole conversation without the gaps in between PTT messages, so you can hear the one you missed in context of the full dialogue.

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Created using Google Material Design


Material Design is Google’s design system – backed by open-source code – that is used to build high-quality digital experiences. Because they look, feel and respond the same way as many consumer apps, Material Design gives businesses an advantage as minimal staff training is required for effective use.

Many businesses would significantly benefit from implementing push-to-talk, but management are worried that it would take staff a long time to be trained and become confident using the app on their smart devices. Investing in Material Design apps like Workforce Connect means that your staff can pick up its usability quickly, as they are likely already using several Material Design apps regularly during personal device use.


Easy managing and monitoring of your teams


Workforce Connect is managed via an online portal where you can manage every aspect of your team’s setup. From broad changes like a group name to granular details like which options appear for individual users, any changes made on the portal are sent instantly to each device over-the-air.

Ideal for businesses who have a workforce spread out over wide and ever-changing areas, the Workforce Connect portal can also be used to remotely track, stun and activate devices. And if you’re using Samsung rugged devices, you can use Samsung Knox for comprehensive mobile device management – click here to learn more.

Devices designed by professionals, for professionals

Smart devices help businesses become more mobile by empowering workers to do more while they are on-the-go. In vital sectors like healthcare, warehousing, haulage, logistics and education, workers are often on the move and need to take their work with them, which is why phones and tablets are becoming more popular among business users.

Business devices need to be powerful enough to deliver the same performance and user experience as their consumer counterparts, yet rugged enough to withstand harsh treatment so that the business isn’t constantly paying for repairs. Our range of smart devices integrate seamlessly with Zebra Workforce Connect and cater for workers across a range of applications.


Samsung rugged phones and tablets are designed for business users who are always on the move. They are tough IP68 devices with impressive screen and processor specifications, and have a built-in PTT button for unique two-way radio feel.


Zebra are market leaders in mobile computing and empower businesses by helping them become more data-driven. Their touch computer devices are sleek, rugged and have built-in scanners – ideal for couriers, hauliers and warehouses.


Sonim’s ultra-rugged smartphone, the XP8, is SO rugged that it comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty. It is IP69 certified (protection against high-pressure and temperature liquid), is intrinsically safe and can be submerged in bleach.


Customer success story: ArcBest Technologies


When replacing legacy smart devices for its workers, ArcBest wanted to ensure that their next investment would support and last its long-term evolution. Not only did they require Android devices to support its proprietary applications, but they needed to ensure that their large, spread-out workforce could be connected better than ever before.

Having invested in new Zebra touch computers and Workforce Connect, their teams can now communicate more efficiently which has driven increased productivity.


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