Zebra TC52x and TC57x


When customers choose a Zebra TC52x or Zebra TC57x mobile computer, they get a device packed with innovative new features that take productivity and ease of use to the next level. The TC5X series builds on the best-selling TC52 and TC57 rugged handheld mobile computers with three models that deliver the ultimate in rugged, all-touch mobile computing.

The Wi-Fi only TC52x and the Wi-Fi/cellular TC57x add support for the latest mobile innovations. Support for more Mobility DNA tools makes everything easier—from the user interface to device management, integration and app development.

The Wi-Fi only TC52ax adds Wi-Fi 6, two scanner options—an SE4720 or the new SE5500 Advanced Range scan engine with intelligent focusing, double the memory to boost application performance and the new Workstation Connect solution that allows the TC52ax to function simultaneously as a workstation and a mobile computer.

And thanks to Workforce Connect, Zebra’s push-to-talk application which comes preloaded on TC5X series devices, businesses can help their employees communicate more effectively and efficiently than ever before both inside and outside the four walls.


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Powerful advanced scanning for the fastest, easiest data capture
Available in all models, the SE4720 delivers point-and-shoot simplicity with a large ‘sweet spot’ of up to 24 in./60 cm away, and easy capture of large barcodes at close range. Available option in the TC52ax, the SE5500 Advanced Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ technology intelligently adjusts to quickly capture barcodes in hand or over 40 ft./12 m away.

Maximize productivity with enterprise accessories
Backwards compatibility with all TC52/TC57 accessories allows customers to cost-effectively upgrade to the latest technology.

Easily find misplaced devices
An integrated Device Tracker Bluetooth battery beacon, sold separately, allows users to locate misplaced or missing TC52/TC57, TC52x, TC57x and TC52ax devices quickly and easily even if the device is turned off or the battery is dead.

Maximum application performance
Instantly navigate through application screens, thanks to the faster 2.45 GHz processor and new Universal Flash Storage (UFS).

Get double functionality—turn the TC52ax into a mobile-powered workstation
When workers need a larger display to best view information and interact with applications, the TC52ax with Workstation Connect delivers. This powerful complimentary software solution enables the display of TC52ax apps on a large monitor, complete with a mouse, keyboard and any other peripheral required to make app interaction easy.

Advanced higher-resolution touchscreen technology with Full HD
Full HD utilizes the entire 5-inch display, providing more room to view more information.

Workforce Connect from Zebra Technologies is an enterprise push-to-talk app which can help to boost efficiency, productivity and safety across the whole business. Push-to-talk communication allows colleagues to communicate faster and clearer – it removes the unnecessary time it takes to make phone calls, allows teams to communicate on a wider scale rather than just one-to-one, and can connect teams both inside and outside the organisation’s four walls.

Many businesses rely on smart devices for vital everyday functions like scanning, data management and job ticketing, so Workforce Connect is an easy way to bolt push-to-talk communication onto existing infrastructure. The fewer devices a worker has to carry, the more efficiently they can carry out their job – Workforce Connect allows workers to do it all from their chosen device which could be a smartphone, tablet, PDA or Windows PC.

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